Akita Inu Wall Decor, Navy Royal Blue

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This Navy Blue Akita Inu Print makes perfect Wall Art for every room if you love Akitas whether you want to decorate your kitchen, living room, or nursery. 

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Decorate your home with our royal blue dog art prints, fast, easy, and affordable! Every room needs decor, and our akita decorations will make your walls pop!

Some cute fuzzy ears and a few big sparkly eyes are enough to get us to fall in love with our 4 legged friends. That’s why BittenByErmines.com features a huge and still growing dog collection – from Airedale terrier to Zwergschnauzer. Our Akita Inu prints are the perfect decor for your home and a way to celebrate your love of man’s best friend, show off your love of dogs, and add style to any room. 

These lovely dog prints sure add charm and personality to any space in your home, not as much as another dog would, but at least you don’t have to walk them every day!

If you love dogs, you must check out our wonderful variety of dog art prints. We also feature matching paw prints, quotes, and sayings. We offer savings if you buy a set – just add several prints to your cart to see how much you save.

Give your home a splash of color with a variety of our affordable wall decor, and add character to any room by hanging one or two of our unique dog posters on your wall.

If you have any issues or questions, contact us! 

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Akita Inu Wall Decor, Navy Royal Blue
$20.00$29.00 inc. Vat