Do you offer different colors? Yes! You can get your Art Print in every color you see in our shop – just add the color #number to “notes to seller” at checkout, or contact us before you order at BittenByErmines@gmail.com.  When will my prints arrive? It takes 1-3 days to produce your print(s) and another … Read more

Facts About The Triceratops


10 Facts About The Triceratops Everyone knows the adorable Triceratops from movies, art, and documentaries. It’s one of the most popular dinosaurs, and it has appeared in many famous works. But, it isn’t just a dinosaur for trinkets and children’s books! The Triceratops is the official state dinosaur of South Dakota, and the triceratops skeleton … Read more

Different Types Of Dinosaurs

Different Types Of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs have been the source of fascination to human beings ever since their discovery. These creatures ruled the Earth for about 165 million years. However, most of them disappeared after an asteroid struck the Earth’s surface over 66 million years ago. How many different types of dinosaurs are there? Over 900 … Read more

How long were Dinosaurs alive?

How long were Dinosaurs alive? Dinosaurs were alive on Earth for more than 150 million years. They first appeared about 243 – 233 million years ago (during the Triassic period) and ruled the land until 65 million years ago (during the Cretaceous period) when an asteroid hit the Earth, probably followed by other catastrophes like … Read more

Are ferrets weasels?


Are Ferrets Weasels? Are Ferrets Weasels? Ferrets may look like weasels, but ferrets are not weasels. They were first domesticated from the European Polecat (about 4000 years ago in Rome) and part of the mustelid family.  Mustelids include weasels, ferrets, minks, otters, badgers, wolverines, and the European polecats. While ferrets are often referred to as … Read more

Are badgers nocturnal?


Are Badgers Nocturnal? Are Badgers nocturnal? Badgers are known for being nocturnal creatures in a majority of habitats. However, sometimes it’s possible to see badgers out during the day if they’re up at the crack of dawn or on their way home from an all-night rave. Or maybe someone has been feeding them and getting … Read more

Are Raccoons Nocturnal?


Are Raccoons Nocturnal? Are Raccoons Nocturnal? Raccoons are often nocturnal animals since they forage and scavenge at night. Raccoons tend to sleep during the day and become active from dusk until dawn. Raccoon eyes feature a reflective layer called the tapetum lucidum, which enhances night vision and makes their eyes glow in low light conditions. … Read more

Why is the Dodo Bird extinct?


Why is the Dodo Bird extinct? Hint: It’s not the ermines fault. The Dodo is an extinct species of bird that once lived on the small island of Mauritius. From the end of the 16th century, these birds were hunted by sailors who wanted food on their long sea trips or trophies for their homes … Read more

Fun Dog Names For Male Dogs


52 Fun Dog Names For Male Dogs The dog is man’s best friend. These four-legged animals have been with us since ancient times, and they continue to be a good company for their human owners today. One of the most fun things about having dogs is naming them. So if you’re looking for fun dog names … Read more