52 Fun Dog Names For Male Dogs

The dog is man’s best friend. These four-legged animals have been with us since ancient times, and they continue to be a good company for their human owners today. One of the most fun things about having dogs is naming them. So if you’re looking for fun dog names for male dogs, here we’ve got the perfect list for you.

What are some Fun Dog Names For Male Dogs?

Ermine, Polecat, or Weasel

Not typical dog names, but, since we’re obsessed with ermines, this is our first idea! A Perfect name for a male dog who’s doing lots of mischief… or likes to hunt mice. Don’t worry, the rest of our list is totally mustelid-free.


This is a very cool name. It might be a bit weird for some people because it does not really sound like a dog name, but so what? If you want your dog to stand out from the crowd, this would be excellent.


Another fun name that might escape ordinary people. Frankenstein can be used for both dogs and cats alike. This will be a great choice if you want something extraordinary, creative, and distinctive among all other typical dog names.

Ninja is probably one of the most famous names because it sounds adventurous, robust, fast, but cute. It will make every owner proud to have a ninja in their pet family.


What can be better than naming your doggy chocolates? If you don’t mind calling him “my chocolate,” then this would surely suit your puppy pretty well. And there’s nothing wrong with this as long as he doesn’t eat his kind like a human! LOL! Don’t forget – chocolate is bad for dogs!


Teddy is a very cute and sweet dog name. This will work well if you plan to have an adorable puppy around. And why not? Dogs can be cuddle buddies too!


Another cool name that most dogs owners tend to choose for their pets. It has been around for ages because of its strong vibe, toughness, and macho attitude. You will probably see this in so many movies about famous boxers or wrestlers. Gladiators use this name too!


If your dog is a trouble-maker, this would be the perfect name for him. It will make people think twice before messing with him because they know you won’t take any nonsense from anybody!


This may not sound like a great dog name to some people, but if you are looking for something cool, having your male pet called Harley would be very friendly. This is also easy to pronounce, unlike some of the other names on this list.


What’s cooler than naming your pet after one of nature’s most ferocious and dangerous creatures? By doing so, you’ll instantly show everybody in town that he means business and that nobody should mess with him under any circumstances. Just make sure he doesn’t bite anyone, okay?


If you want your dog to have the most perfect and most unique name in town, this is it. To top it off, it also sounds adorable because of the way it’s pronounced! This will surely charm many people, not only those who know about dogs but also those who don’t care much about them. They’ll still smile when they hear him barking!


This might sound like an average name for some people, but you should try only if you aim for something simple yet memorable. Aside from that, it means ‘friend’, which makes this even more appealing because we all wanted our friends to remember us with something catchy instead of a plain old Joe or Smith.


If you are looking for fun dog names for male dogs that are easy to pronounce but still cool, then this is the one. It sounds very lovely, and it’s also quite simple. Just make sure your dog isn’t a sissy, though!


Bugsy has always been a top choice among pet owners around the globe. You can never go wrong with this because people will like how it sounds, and they’ll be able to identify your male pet easier. Also, this will be an excellent choice if you have already named your female puppy ‘Baby’ or something like that. But be careful not to give them similar names to avoid getting too confused when called out separately.


This is another cool name that is mainly known to those who are into mythology and legends.


You know what they say: “Rescue dogs make the best pets.” This perfectly sums up why you should choose Rascal as his name. But, of course, people will know he has a past, and he’s not perfect like other purebred dogs. But instead of hiding it, you have come out to tell them about it!


This is another cool dog name for your male pet. It means ‘champion,’ which makes it even more appealing than your average name because everyone wants to be associated with champions, right?


Another designer doggie’s moniker from an American comic series, The Avengers. This particular one was named after the Norse God Thor, known for being strong and fearless. Just like how your dog will be if he wears this name!

Hercules (Herc)

Okay, so this character’s name started it all. His real first name is Heracles, but everyone calls him by his shorter nickname, which sounds much cooler. Your dog may be a bit of a wimp, but people will think otherwise if he has this name!


Zeus is another God in Greek mythology whose name has inspired many people, including those who created this dog name. It’s clear to pronounce so that everybody can say it without difficulty!

Achilles (Achilles)

Just like how The Norse god inspired thor, this one was named after the hero from Homer’s Iliad. He is known for his strength and bravery, making him an excellent role model for pet owners looking for names that will instill fear into their opponents’ hearts.


You should try this another cool and unique moniker because it means ‘number one or best.’ This must be what you want your male dog to be, so you should choose this as his name.


Many people love animals today, especially dogs, which are considered man’s best friend. If you want your male pup to stand out, go for a title that most people don’t use, such as Captain! It may sound strange but everyone who loves sea adventures or seafaring stories would definitely appreciate this one!


There are many fun dog names you can choose from if you’re looking for something manly or macho. This is one of those picks because roosters have always been associated with strength and courage. You should try this if your dog has an impressive physique, too!


If he loves guns. How about giving him a name that’s related to guns? It can be anything as long as it starts with ‘W’ since being in the W place in the alphabet spells out his name.

If your dog is a God…

If your dog thinks he’s a god, support him by naming him after a real God? That way, he will set some standards for himself and not get carried away with his ego!


This was the name of one of the most important gods in Ancient Greece. He has known for his sun-related activities as well as his musical skills.

Hercules (Herc)

The legendary hero is another essential Greek God in this list. So, if you’re looking for a mighty name that’s easy to say and spell, this is it!


If your dog likes to fight, you can choose a name that means ‘God of War.’ This should definitely show everyone that he wants to fight, but he’s also a smart and strategic fighter who knows how to win! 


If your male dog is very cunning, you can give him this adorable name which means ‘God of the Underworld.’ He’ll be so proud when you tell him about this because it’s just as cool as what he thinks of himself!


If your male dog is a bit mean, you might want to refer to the other God of the Underworld. He may not be as cute as Pluto but his name sure suits him more!

Another name inspired by Greek mythology means ‘God of Thunder.’ If your dog seems to enjoy thunderstorms, go for this one right away!


This was the name of a Norse god known for his strength and protection. Just like how you want to protect your male dog from harm, you must give him this name to show your loyalty and love for him.


Another cool name inspired by Norse mythology means ‘father of all.’ If your dog is the pack leader, you should call him this to emphasize his greatness.


This was the name of yet another god in Norse mythology. This time, it means ‘turn and twist’ or ‘god of mischief.’ So if your dog just likes playing practical jokes on you, give him this name to show that you’re not affected by his antics.

Luna or Sol

This is yet another cool name that can be given to your male dog if he’s brilliant. It means ‘moon’ and ‘sun,’ respectively. So you have a choice between giving your dog a celestial or heavenly name although you may want to give him both on different occasions.


A fierce Japanese God of Thunder, Raiden is the one who rules over thunderstorms and lighting. Therefore this is a good name for any pet that loves to play with thunderstorms and lightning.

If your dog behaves like a demon or Hellhound

He may act tough and mean to you, but deep inside, he’s really a big softy. So you can give him this awesome demon name because it will suit his personality!


If your dog is a demon in human form, naming him after his race should be the right thing to do. This name means ‘temptation.’ If he’s been tempting you with his charms and cuteness, don’t worry! He only does this because he cares for you.

Fun Movie Inspired Names For A Male Dog



Maximus (Max)

Mary Pupp-ins

If he wants to become one of Santa’s Reindeer


…the red-nose Reindeer, is one of Santa’s helpers. If you have always loved Christmas movies and characters, you should name your dog after this Reindeer known for being good at finding directions.

Or the other reindeer:

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen.

Naming a dog is always fun! Take your time, I hope the list of 51 fun dog names for male dogs helps!

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