Love Dog Paw Print, Pink Dog Room Decor, Text, Words,

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Love Dog Paw Print, Pink Dog Room Decor, Text, Words,

Transform your room into a home with this light/blush pink Art Print featuring the word/text “Love”, written with a dog paw instead of an “o”. It comes printed on Museum-Quality, thick, matte, archival Paper and makes the perfect wall decor for your home if you love dogs. 

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Please notice: This is a reproduction print of my light/blush pink watercolor painting, not an original.

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Our light/blush pink Dog Art Prints make perfect wall decorations for every dog lover’s home. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for decor for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or nursery. If you love dogs and want to add some pink to your wall, get one of our prints! It’s also a great gift idea to celebrate the arrival of a new puppy.

We feature more than 130 dog silhouettes in different colors, and the collection is growing. Take a look at our Pink Section if you’re searching for matching dog prints, or visit our Dog Section, where you’ll find all our dog prints in different colors.

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Our pink dog prints are perfect for your home if you prefer a minimalist style over something bright and colorful. Pink is a feminine color, sweet and classy. And we combined it with your favorite dog breed – what could go wrong?

Over 20.000 customers have put their trust in us and weren’t disappointed. If you have any issues or questions, contact us! We’ll get right back to you.

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pink love art print, the o in love looks like a dog paw print
Love Dog Paw Print, Pink Dog Room Decor, Text, Words,
$19.50$36.00 inc. Vat