Got a new Dachshund? Chances are you want to name it.


Dachshund Names For A Male

Got a new dachshund? Chances are you want to name it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – because we put together a list of awesome dachshund names for a male.

50 Dogtastic Dachshund Names For A Male!

Ermine, Weasel, or Polecat! Splendid names for a doxie who’s up to no good!

Azazel – A demon! It makes a great name for the dog that always causes mayhem.

Buddy – Because you may find some dachshunds are rather cheeky.

Max – This one is cute and sweet all at the same time.

Leodog: This one is a play of words that fits just right for your little furball.

Biff – Another one on this list with a funny twist to it. If you really want something different, then Biff will be perfect!

Bandit – For a mischievous little guy that loves to have fun.

Moose – For your big boy!

Rascal – Is the perfect name for the dog that always has something up its sleeve.

Buster: This will fit just right if you want something fun and unique. 

Rascal: If you don’t really want to put the responsibility of a name on your little guy, then this will fit just right.

Joey – For a smaller male. This one is cute and unique.

Snowball: Another fun twist that’s sure to fit if you’re looking for something different.

Luigi – An oldie but a goodie! This one will definitely fit if you’re looking for something classic and simple. Perfect for a dachshund who only speaks Italian.

Chubbs – The perfect nickname for your tubby dachshund! What better way to show off those extra love handles than with an adorable nickname?

Sparky – Another classic with a modern twist!

Crockett – This is another cool dachshund name with an interesting twist. 

Dozer – For a big pup that’s determined to get his way.

Wyatt – This one is a tough, rugged name with attitude. If you want something simple and cute, then Wyatt will be perfect!

Chowder – A funny name with an even funnier meaning behind it. Perfect for when your little furry friend had too much to eat.

Patch – This one is the perfect name for any dachshund with patchy coloring. It kind of fits the way they look already.

Boomer – Another great fit if your male dachshund is big and chunky. He’ll undoubtedly love this one because everyone will be calling him “Boomer!”

Ruggs: Someone sure loves digging, and that’s Ruggs!

Fido is a classic name still used today for some people’s Dachshunds. It has been around for quite some time now. 

Hank – A popular name for a male dog.

Harley – A name for a male dog that is used quite often.

Horace – Meaning “to watch”. In Roman mythology, Horace was the god of good times and plenty.

Igor – Name for a male of the canine variety.

Jasper – Meaning “treasurer.” Jasper was one of three magical stones that had fallen from the heavens to the earth. It gave its owner a level of wisdom, good luck, and protection.

Hudson – For the athletic guy who loves water!

Hugo – An old but classic name that’s worth bringing back.

Huntley– A great short version of Hunter, perfect for a little Doxie pup!

Oberyn – Perfect for a regal pup like this one.

Ozzy – A fun name for an energetic little guy.

Quincy – A great masculine-sounding name that’s a classic choice.

Rhett – One of our favorite Southern names, Rhett is a perfect choice!

Roscoe – For a friendly and outgoing pup like this one.

Scout– An excellent option for outdoor-oriented pups.

Spot – What more needs to be said? Outdoorsy and athletic Dachshunds are bound to have lots of bad spots to lick!

Sugar – An attractive choice for a sweet and cuddly pup!

Zeus – Inspired by the mythical ruler of Olympus, this classic name is perfect for a strong and powerful pup.

You could also steal one of Santa’s Reindeer Names and give it to your dachshund!

Those are (just in case you don’t know):

Rudolph – This one is a classic.

Dasher – This one is just so fun and playful.

Blitzen – This one means “lightning”.

Comet – Is one of the lead deer carrying Santa’s package during Christmas.

Vixen – A female fox.

Donner – A heavy-set but friendly deer that is also Santa’s sleigh driver!

Dancer – This one carries the Christmas packages with Comet on his back.

Prancer may be popular, but he does not carry any packages for Santa Claus.

Cupid – Another male Reindeer with no designated special duties.

There you have it, our favorite Dachshund names for a male pup! What do you think?

Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks, and happy naming!

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