What does a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix look like?

What does a chihuahua and Yorkie mix look like?

A Chihuahua and Yorkie mix, also called Chorkie, is a small dog with both breeds’ looks. This hybrid dog makes a good pet for families with older children; they have the energy to play but are not hyperactive. The resulting dog has long hair, soft and thick, like the Yorkie’s fur. It can be brushed once or twice a week, depending on the thickness and length of fur to keep it from becoming tangled or matted.
Chihuahuas are very protective of their loved ones. A chihuahua and Yorkie mix also shows this same characteristic. They will bark when they hear strange sounds or see strangers approaching the home where they live; however, if you raise them with positive reinforcement, they will not be overly protective. They are a good dog for families with older children who can handle the responsibility of taking care of them.

Are Chorkies good family dogs?

Chihuahua and Yorkie mix is affectionate, loving, and great for tiny homes due to their size; they need about 20 minutes of playtime each day or an hour-long walk that should be more than enough exercise for them. They love attention and like to have time alone to chew on toys or bones. The coat often needs brushing to stop matting, which could cause pain if left unattended too long. This breed makes an excellent pet for active families or anybody wanting a companion animal who wants something cuddly, intelligent, and loyal.

It is essential not to feed the dog fatty foods and snacks, as they could develop digestive problems leading to vomiting. It’s also best not to overfeed them since small dogs tend to gain weight quickly, which will cause health issues. Another thing you should remember is that this breed needs plenty of water when out in the heat since chihuahuas tend to be very sensitive toward heatstroke.
This hybrid dog makes a great family pet if appropriately raised since they are playful but gentle with children and well socialized with other pets. This dog will get along fine with friends and neighbors as long as they’ve been raised together for at least three months or more; otherwise, there could be a minor skirmish between the two.

This breed will play well with kids as long as it was raised with them since they can play rough. They tend to like being involved in what the children are doing and will most likely follow them throughout the house to keep themselves entertained. If this occurs, it is important for you as a parent to make sure that your children know how to take care of their new pet; otherwise, he could bite one of the kids if they get too aggressive or rough around him.

Children should be taught not to pull on this dog’s ears or tail since it hurts and may cause him pain when you’re not looking; without proper training, he could become extremely defensive around your family, which means he might nip someone out of fear which would lead to serious consequences and injuries. Never hit this dog or any other dog with your hands since they can become very defensive when hit and will most likely bite back, which could lead to severe injuries.

Training a hybrid dog can be challenging because he is smart enough to know that you’re his boss if you show him who’s in charge using positive reinforcement techniques. If your Yorkie mix doesn’t listen, reward him when he does something right, so he knows it was the correct choice to make. This breed isn’t known for being stubborn; however, proper training should begin at an early age for you as a parent to have peace of mind knowing that your children are safe around this pet without having to worry about them getting hurt by it accident.

This hybrid dog needs a large, fenced-in yard or a home with plenty of space for him to run around in. They enjoy being active, which means they need to be walked daily for at least thirty minutes since they tend to gain weight quickly when overfed and lack a daily exercise regimen. If you don’t give him the proper amount of physical activity, he could become obese, which will cause health problems that require you, as his owner, to pay more money at the veterinarian’s office. Without proper training, this dog can become destructive when left alone so make sure not ever leave them unattended too long if you’re busy running errands during the day; otherwise, he might get into things and chew up your belongings while searching for attention from your family members who aren’t at home.

If you have an older dog, your chihuahua and Yorkie mix will be a great companion for him since they enjoy keeping themselves entertained by playing with toys almost all the time. If he gets lonely or bored, this pet would love to snuggle up next to his friend while taking a nap which means he’ll be in good hands around other pets that have been appropriately introduced together under supervision from you as an owner. In addition, they are known for becoming loyal towards anyone who gives them attention; therefore, they’re more than likely going to bond with another dog in the household if left alone, often without someone visiting them regularly.

In conclusion, owning a hybrid dog can be difficult due to their stubbornness but appropriately trained. These dogs tend to be friendly towards strangers, so they aren’t known for being aggressive or territorial around others besides their owners. They will accept anyone who enters the home as a guest until introduced adequately by you as his owner.

This dog doesn’t care how much attention it gets from its family members; therefore, you’ll only need to reward him when he does something right to maintain your alpha status over him. They love playing with other pets that have been appropriately introduced together under supervision while taking naps since it gives them more attention than if they did it alone. This is the perfect breed for a relatively inexperienced person who knows what he wants in a dog and knows how to train one without having any experience training another type of dog first.

If you can’t afford to take him out for a walk several times a day, then think about getting two of them since they tend to like being around other dogs, which means one could keep the other entertained while they’re left alone at home. Also, they love learning with positive reinforcement; therefore, they always reward them when they do something good to maintain their status over them.

How good are they with cats?

A Chihuahua and a Yorkie can get along with cats if correctly socialized. So why wouldn’t a Chorkie get along with cats? Sure, he’ll chase a cat once in a while if he thinks it’s fun to do so, but overall, he’ll be good with your kitty cat.
Chances are, your cat is bigger anyway.


A mix of a chihuahua and a Yorkie shed very little. In Chihuahuas, their shedding is minimal. The Yorkie sheds moderately. It will need to be brushed once every week to maintain its coat.

Do they bark a lot?

Yes, Chorkies are barkers. Both the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier often feel the need to warn you of every little noise – by barking! They don’t have big voices, though.
When you bring a Chorkie home, this dog will be loyal to you for many years. They are known for being very protective of their family members or people that enter the household. It is important to teach them not to bark at every sound they hear until they recognize a threat or just someone approaching the door. Without proper training, your new hybrid dog could cause problems in your neighborhood by barking too much, which is why having patience when training this breed is important.

Are they good apartment dogs?

Yes, they are. The Chorkie is a small dog to live in an apartment away from the yard when you have to work long hours. He will adapt to your schedule.

Chihuahua and Yorkie mix – Summary

Chorkies are the result of crossing a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. If you’re already an owner of one or both of these breeds, then getting a mixed breed puppy from them is probably what you’ve been thinking about for a while now. After all, they make great pets and are alert dogs that bark at every little sound they hear, which could be annoying to others who live close by.