What are good Names for a Horse?


What are good names for a horse?

Hey, you got a new horse? Congratulations! What a big moment. You’ve finally accomplished your dream of getting a horse! Now you’re probably wondering, “What should I name my new baby?” Pew, finding good names for a horse can be such a daunting task. But worry not! I’m here to help!
First off, it needs to be short and catchy. Horses don’t speak English (or any other human language (as far as I know!)). In fact, they really can’t speak at all; they are whinny and neigh (which is still their version of speech). So, if you have a long and complicated name for your horse, it will make it harder to understand it, and it might make it harder to pronounce when the people who come to see him say it out loud. So, I recommend short and catchy names for horses so that everyone can know how to pronounce them correctly and easily!

The best way to get good ideas is to scroll down a list with awesome horse names – like the one I made for you down below!

Here are over 100 good names for a horse!

Nightmare – My favorite. Not many people can say they have a horse named Nightmare!
Thunder – Awesome for a loud and energetic horse.
Thunderstorm – A thunderstorm is like a storm, but with more thunder.
Flash – If your horse likes to run really fast and loves the rain
Blizzard – A blizzard is like a snowstorm, but with more snow.
Hurricane – If your horse is powerful and fast
Firefly – If you love the night and fire.
Stormy – For an energetic, loud horse who loves to run fast in the rain.
Sparkle – If your horse shines like a star and likes to be petted every day.
Frostbite – An excellent name for a white or gray Horse
Glitter – An awesome name for a gleaming white or gray horse.
Lightning – For a super-fast horse who loves to run.
Princess – For a female who is very fun and energetic.
Pauline – A beautiful name for an elegant, spirited mare.
Faith – Because it’s fantastic and loyal.
Ginger – If it has ginger hair.
Dawn – Means sunrise.
Starlight – If it’s as beautiful and radiant as the stars in the sky.
Ivory – If he’s white with black spots, or if his hair is very sparkly.
Fire Storm – If it likes to run and is very fast.
Cherry – If it’s sweet
Sunny – If it’s as energetic as the sun.
Applejack – If you like apples.
Diamond – for a shiny horse with a black coat.
Snowball – A good name for a white one
Firecracker – If he’s loud and energetic.
Arrow – A fast and beautiful name.
Duke – For a very kind one with a strong personality.
Champion – for a born winner
Shadow – A good name for a dark-colored horse.
Comet – If it loves wiping out dinosaurs
Princess – A very graceful and well-behaved name for a female.
Sam – For it’s short and sweet.
Ruby – A great name for a reddish-colored horse.
Dancer – because he loves to prance around.
Flicker – As the bird
Flamingo – Another Bird
Gallant (or Gally), means brave, spirited, noble-minded
Sparkle – Because they sparkle like a star.
Amber – means ‘shining light.’
Autumn – the most beautiful season
Belle means beautiful
Beauty – A good name for an elegant mare.
Blossom – Pink Flowers
Breeze – for a fast horse who loves running
Dancer – for an elegant and spirited mare.
Chestnut – Sounds cozy
Dahlia – a beautiful plant
Dakota – meaning friend or friendly
Dove – A good name for a white female.
Flame – for a fiery stallion
Dandelion – a flower
Dove – A Bird
Fury – if it gets angry easily
Frostbite – Because it sounds good.
Gingerbread – if it’s sweet
Graceful – An elegant, spirited mare.
Glory – an excellent name for a showy, spirited mare.
Hazel – A small tree with nuts and associated with wisdom and inspiration
Heartthrob – because it gets all the girls
Joyful – for an energetic, spirited mare.
Noell Or Noelle – If you get it for Christmas or love the holidays
Lilac, like the sweet-smelling flower
Lucky – if it has good luck wherever it goes
Lovely – An elegant, spirited mare.
Liliana – For a graceful, elegant mare.
Moonbeam – So pretty!
Magic – because it has magic powers
Midnight – because it runs at night!
Mocha – because it looks like chocolate
Molly – because she’s as cute as a mollusk!
Nova – super bright star
Luna – A beautiful name for a horse who loves running in the moonlight.
Meadow – If you love riding in open habitat
Onyx – a volcanic rock that is hard and cool.
Peony – Another beautiful flower.
Olive – for the color of an olive tree nut
Nightingale – A good name for a horse who loves to sing at night.
Nimbus – the cloud associated with rain
Orion – the constellation
Pegasus – For a flying horse (or one that can run really fast!)
Raven – A bird – if the color matches
Phoenix – A beautiful bird that rises from a fire.
Pipsqueak (or Pips)
Poppy – a pretty flowering plant
Raindance – A horse that loves to run in the rain.
Speedy – For a fast runner.
Splash – If it splashes around in the water to cool off during hot days.
Stormy – for a fast horse that loves running.
Tangerine – a type of orange
Twilight – for a horse who loves running at dusk.
Valiant – if it’s brave and strong
Windermere – a beautiful lake in the English countryside
Winter – A fun and energetic name
Ulysses – Roman name for Odysseus
Valor – because they have lots of courage
Velvet – A good name for a dark-colored horse.
Violet – For a flower of the same color.
Zephyr – A good name for an elegant, spirited mare.
Zeus – God of sky and thunder

Well! That’s a long list, and I hope you can find one that works for you. There are a lot of good horse names out there, but my favorites are always those that describe the appearance or character of a pet.

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