Shepadoodle - A German Shepherd And Poodle Mix

Shepadoodle – A German Shepherd And Poodle Mix

Shepadoodle is an adorable mix between poodles and German Shepherd. Based on Stanley Coren’s  The Intelligence of Dogs, poodles are the 2nd smartest dogs, while German Shepherds hold rank 3. This may make the Shepdadoodle smarter than some people’s kids. Not yours, of course. For people who wish to bring this hybrid breed home, there will be some questions about the care these dogs need and their temperament, and other characteristics. Learn more about Shepadoodles with this article!

What Is A Shepadoodle?

Shepadoodle is simply a crossbreed of a German shepherd (or any shepherd) and a standard poodle. The parent breeds are not important; the mixed-breed puppy’s appearance and behavior matter. In fact, most people who get a Shepadoodle have no idea which dog was the mother and which one was the father. They want to adopt a cute puppy, not spend time on research.

If you are interested in having a Shepadoodle of your own, first check any local pet shelter and rescue center for such animals. You may find some there! Otherwise, you can buy a dog from a reputable private breeder that breeds German shepherds and poodles together.

What To Expect Of Your Puppy?

When deciding to get yourself a Shepadoodle (or any other type of hybrid breed), always remember that most puppies need some training before they are ready to live happily in their new home. Do not expect great results right away! It is best to start socializing your puppy early, so he knows how to get along with people and other animals.

What Is The Average Shepadoodle Lifespan?

Ask any pet store or breeder, and they will tell you that a crossbreed dog tends to have a longer life than the original breeds. This is partly because these breeds are healthier and have better temperaments. In addition, new owners make sure their pets get proper training rather than leaving them neglected in isolation. However, no one can predict the exact lifespan of your puppy; it depends on many factors such as obesity, nutrition defects, injuries, or illnesses. 

Shepadoodle Appearance And Temperament

Of course, these dogs will look like hybrids because they are mixed-breed dogs. But, at the same time, specific characteristics will depend on the exact mix. For example, a Shepadoodle with some German Shepherd (rather than mainly being poodle) is more likely to have health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia or other orthopedic problems.

You can expect your puppy to be between 50 and 80 pounds when fully grown (so quite big for a dog of its kind), with an average lifespan of 10-12 years. Both male and female Shepadoodles are equally beautiful; however, males tend to be larger than females. Because they are part of the protection group breeds, German shepherds and poodles have high energy levels, so you will want to make sure you meet their physical needs.

German Shepherds And Poodles Mix Temperament

Expect your Shepadoodle to be highly energetic, intelligent, and loyal. He will protect you at all costs, even when in danger himself! However, he can also be very affectionate towards his family and social with other people and animals. These dogs are easy to train if they receive plenty of exercises each day and regular training sessions. They are happy living in two-legged families but can do ok if left alone for long periods when their human work from home or something like that. While German shepherds are known for being protective towards their homes and property, the poodle mix is a little bit more relaxed about the whole thing.

Training A Shepadoodle Puppy

One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is not spending time training their Shepadoodle puppies as soon as they get them. If you want your dog to be well behaved in public, it’s a good idea to work with him from the first day you bring him home. Not only should he not be allowed to jump on people or get too excited at them, but he also needs to learn how to walk correctly on a lead and stay close by your side when walking around town. And of course, you will want to teach your dog commands like “sit,” “down,” and “stay.”

Some owners choose special training schools for their hybrids while others prefer doing all the work themselves (the latter is much cheaper). If you decide to enroll in a professional dog school, make sure they have many years of experience working with this particular hybrid breed and plenty of references from customers who have sent their dogs there already. 

Dog crate training is highly recommended as it helps your puppy learn to respect the house rules and not let himself get into trouble when you are not around to watch him. You should get your dog adjusted to going in his crate voluntarily and then use it for short periods each day while rewarding him with treats or cuddles if he stays inside without whining or barking excessively. Shepadoodle puppies are susceptible to changes in their environment and sometimes react badly at first but quickly settle down once they realize that nothing has changed other than routine itself. This breed can be very stubborn, so don’t give up on your new friend! Gentle guidance works better than force when training this particular hybrid dog.

Make sure you establish a basic routine before you bring your puppy home. For example, he should be allowed to potty outside for at least 20 minutes first thing in the morning and after every meal. Your dog needs to know his schedule, so he doesn’t start doing all his business inside when left alone during the day.

Whichever method you choose (professional training or doing it yourself), make sure that while working with them, do not forget to take your dog out for walks and playtime with family members whenever possible. If you find him barking excessively, whining nonstop, or jumping up on people in an annoying way, it is probably because he is bored and doesn’t have enough mental stimulation each day.

Shepadoodle And Cats

The hybrid between a poodle and a German shepherd is very friendly towards other animals in general. This means that if you have a cat at home, he will most likely get along just fine with it (but don’t forget to keep an eye on them when they first meet). Poodles are known for being calm around smaller animals, so this shouldn’t be an issue that comes up too often.

Some owners say their Shepadoodle has no problem sharing his food or toys with the family pet (cats included), while others notice some slight aggression issues towards other dogs unless they are raised together from puppyhood. German shepherds are exceptionally good-natured but can turn aggressive towards other dogs if not properly socialized during puppyhood.

Are they good family dogs?

Yes! Shepadoodles are very friendly and affectionate towards their family. They get along well with children if properly trained, will obey their owners while remaining calm around strangers, and are known to be playful, gentle, and patient with young kids. This is a good choice for any family that likes to go camping as long as the dog has been properly socialized from an early age.

Be careful, though; they may knock over or step on the little ones without intentionally hurting them, but they can be easily startled or overly excited when playing with kids.

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