Sea Turtle Loggerhead Facts

Sea turtles are reptiles that live in the ocean. There are seven different species of sea turtles, but this article is dedicated to the fantastic loggerheads – who have a few features that set them apart from other types of turtles. Loggerhead Sea turtles are extremely important to the ocean’s ecosystem as they prey on jellyfish and other nasty pests. And did you know that Sea turtles are the only reptiles that can breathe through their cloaca?

Here are the most interesing facts about loggerhead sea turtle!

Where does the loggerhead sea turtle live?

Loggerheads live in temperate and tropical ocean waters. They are found worldwide, with a concentration on Australia, Japan, Florida, Mexico, and Brazil. They do not migrate but rather stay in their nesting area to forage throughout the year. The exception is adult males who will leave this region after a mating season which typically occurs from March through June. Males return during September or October to participate again in next years’ process.

What do they eat?

The loggerhead sea turtle’s diet consists primarily of sea urchins, sea snails, crabs, and lobsters – which all happen to be common prey found near or around coral reefs where these creatures love to hang out! They also eat jellyfish because it’s high in protein, so this would be like eating a meaty burger without the bun, if you will. These poor guys are really missing out on some of the tastiest seafood options!

The lifespan of a loggerhead sea turtle.

They can live up to 50 – 70 years if they don’t end up getting caught as bycatch in shrimp nets or hooks on fishing lines – unfortunately, this happens frequently when fishers aren’t aware of sea turtle locations or ignore wildlife regulations altogether.

As loggerheads get older…

As loggerheads get older, they spend less time at the ocean’s surface where there’s sunlight for photosynthesis and need longer rest periods near the shore between feeding trips. As a result, they can cover 20 miles or more a day by swimming.

They can weigh up to 300 pounds.

These creatures can grow up to three feet in length from tip to tail with an average weight range between 250 and 600 pounds for females, while males will weigh significantly less at an average of 100 to 300 pounds and grow up to about three feet long. Not bad if you consider how small they are when they hatch from an egg.


Sea-Turtle- Loggerhead-Facts

Loggerheads are endangered.

In 1962, sea turtle loggerhead numbers were down 95% from their peak population size due to humans harvesting them for food with little restrictions put in place at the time; fortunately, they have been rebounding since 1978 when laws were enacted prohibiting this act. As a result, today’s populations are closer to before commercial fishing was prevalent but still face threats such as habitat loss and plastic pollution, which entangles sea life like sea turtles who mistake it for jellyfish prey.
Additionally, sea turtle loggerheads are one of the sea creatures that can carry a disease called fibropapillomatosis, which is caused by contact with polluted water. Fibropapillomatosis causes tumors to grow on their skin and internal organs. These sea turtles contract this condition will succumb in about three months due to organ failure or malignant cancer growths breaking loose from their base and spreading throughout the body.

You can’t keep a Loggerhead Sea Turtle as a pet, but…

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