The Schnauzer Dog In A Nutshell

The Schnauzer is a loyal, intelligent dog breed interesting for its appearance and behavior. These dogs rank above average in Stanley Corens “The Intelligence of Dogs“.
It’s hard to find a more beautiful dog than a schnauzer if we consider his strong body build, elegant long tail, impressive beard and mustache, and shaggy coat, which can vary in color from black to reddish-brown or steel gray. 

The Schnauzer is a unique dog breed. Its appearance and behavior look like he’s from another planet! There are lots of entertaining facts about them: They have an excellent memory and an independent mind of their own. 

They are very observant, quite suspicious, and cautious but friendly to trusted people.
A Schnauzer is also an excellent watchdog. He will alert you with his barking at someone approaching your property or crossing your yard, even if it’s just the mailman delivering the mail! 

Schnauzers tend to be dominant and stubborn in nature because they were developed to guard and watch over their families. And they love to stay busy so that they may feel useful to you! A schnauzer needs a lot of daily exercises, like long walks. If you keep this kind of dog from early puppyhood, he’ll never develop his aggressive character.

But the Schnauzer is a very adorable dog! He has an excellent nature and gets along well with children. These dogs love to keep their hair in perfect shape, so they require frequent brushing – as often as two or three times a week.
Schnauzer’s life expectancy: A Schnauzer’s life expectancy is 10 to 12 years on average – it depends on the health and cares its owner gives it. 

Schnauzers are very intelligent: they efficiently train to become helpful companions and bring their master’s plenty of joy. 

This dog breed is very protective; it will never let it’s family down even if serious issues occur. They believe that it’s always better to fight than hide when dangers approach them. So, in case of danger, schnauzers bark furiously and threaten everything that moves with their teeth bared and raised hackles.
Schnauzer is considered hypoallergenic, but it’s important to understand that there’s no 100% hypoallergenic dog because all dogs shed. Many schnauzers shed their hair during the spring season. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet and don’t like to spend your evenings brushing your pet’s fur – this breed is not for you!

Schnauzers are very energetic dogs that require a lot of physical activity; otherwise, they’ll get bored being alone at home all day long and start destroying everything around them! They enjoy participating in any activities (such as jogging) that will take their mind off things and be healthy at the same time. So if you’re busy all day long, this dog breed is perfect for you as they can cope alone at home.
Schnauzer dog personality

Just like other dog breeds, the Schnauzer has a strong personality. The owners must adjust to their temperament if they want these dogs to live peacefully in the family setting.

The first time that you bring home your Schnauzer puppies and let them explore around, you should expect them to be very active. They will not run around aimlessly, though, because their curiosity has been known to motivate them to find ways to help out around the house. If you treat them well and give them plenty of love as well as some obedience training, they will turn out to be loyal and trustworthy members of your household.

There are times when this breed may get aggressive with strangers or even family members who have not yet earned their trust. This is why it is essential to reinforce having good social skills among them.
It will be a difficult task, though, to give them some obedience training when they are still in their younger years because even much older dogs can have trouble listening. Also, they do not stay playful forever; when they reach two years old, you should expect them to become more mature and well-behaved.

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