Newfoundland Dog Aka Newfie - Facts in a Nutshell

The Newfoundland Dog, also known as Newfie, is a large working dog, originally from the island of Newfoundland. It was bred for strength and swimming ability to help fishermen bring in nets, pull carts, rescue drowning people from icy water or heavy surf, and guard both boats and shoreline at night. The breed has become famous as a lifesaver on the Atlantic fishing banks during the 18th through early 20th centuries. In modern times, this giant breed serves primarily as a family companion.


The Newfoundland Dog is a large, gentle-natured dog with an imposing appearance and a noted willingness to please. The breed’s docile nature makes it easy to train, though Newfies are very aware of their domestic status and will not respond to harsh treatment. However, they are sensitive dogs that need consistent training methods and family leadership. These qualities make them excellent therapy or service animals.

Newfoundlands excel as water rescue dogs because of their swimming ability, exceptional intelligence, eagerness to please people, and great strength. They were specifically bred for this purpose on the island of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic Ocean by fishermen who needed strong assistance in helping bring nets ashore from fishing boats. 

While they now make for good guard dogs (if they are socialized properly with other dogs), Newfoundlands were originally bred for defense against the large predators that once roamed Newfoundland.

Newfoundlands don’t require a lot of exercises but do need daily mental stimulation; otherwise, they may start to dig, bark or engage in other destructive behavior like chewing furniture. They should be given plenty of opportunities for swimming, hiking, and exploring throughout their lives as this will help keep them fit and active. 

Newfoundlands are playful dogs who love being part of an active family by nature. These dogs demand attention from people and thrive on human companionship above all else.

Are Newfoundland Dogs aggressive?

No. The Newfoundland is a big, friendly dog typically very gentle and loving. He usually gets along well with children, cats, other dogs, and even rabbits! So if you want a gentle giant who loves your kids and protects them from anything in the house (including imaginary monsters), then Newfies are perfect for you.

What kind of energy do they have?

That depends on how much exercise they get! You should make sure to exercise them daily; otherwise, they may become destructive or hyperactive. They are known to be slow-moving in water but fast-moving on land; however, if you give them enough exercise every day, their energy will instead transfer into enthusiasm for running around outside with the kids after school and playing fetch in the backyard.

What is their life span?

Like most dogs, Newfoundlands tend to have a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years!

Do they shed a lot?

No, as long as you brush them once a week, they should not shed much fur in the house. However, Newfies blow their coat 2 times per year, which means that they shed a lot of furs all at once every spring and fall; you should brush them more often during this time to prevent having all the hair on your furniture and in your bed!

They’re not considered hypoallergenic, and they drool a lot!

What makes Newfies different than other dogs?

Newfoundlands are known for having some of the kindest personalities around — they are big, sweet, gentle giants who love cuddling with their owners. They also have an excellent sense of smell; if something bad happens somewhere or needs help, a Newfie can sniff it out! In addition to this impressive snout power, Newfoundland dogs are also very intelligent — they can be trained to do almost anything (like fetch!) with enough motivation from their owners.

Newfoundlands require a lot of love and exercise; however, they usually have strong bonds with their owners that last for many years. So, if you are looking for a big dog who will give your family a lot of love in return, then consider choosing Newfoundland dogs!

Why do people like them?

Newfoundlands are very gentle and friendly dogs. They love nothing more than cuddling up next to their owner on the couch while watching television or simply lying around in the backyard during summer weather! Their powerful size gives them both an imposing (yet calm!) presence at home and an ability to be a wonderful companion to any child; for this reason alone, many families with young children will also choose to adopt a Newfoundland. They’re loyal, calm, and playful!

Are they good family dogs?

Newfoundlands are excellent “family dogs,” except for the fact that they love to be around children more than anyone else. They will never leave your kids’ sides — in fact, if you want a dog who will protect your family no matter what while still being affectionate with everyone involved, then Newfies should be at the top of your list!

A warning though, – these dogs are HUGE and powerful! Little children should not hold their leash; it is best to supervise the interactions between a Newfie and a young child, but they should be fine as long as everyone pays attention.

Are they good with cats?

Newfoundlands are usually friendly and gentle around cats, but they may try to play with them too hard (especially males!). But overall, Newfies do well living in houses with cats; the cat may even enjoy having this large friend who can provide protection!


If you’re looking for a large dog that will give your family lots of love and protection, then Newfoundlands should be at the top of your list! They are sweet, gentle giants who adore cuddling on the couch or lying in the backyard with their family during summer.

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