How To Keep A Christmas Tree Fresh!

How To Keep A Christmas Tree Fresh!

This is the question which usually appears in our mind as soon as the Christmas holiday arrives.
This post is for those who wish to learn how to keep the Christmas trees fresh with some simple tips and tricks.

We usually go out to buy a fresh-cut Christmas tree which we decorate with lights, stars, or other decorative items like Poinsettia flowers, garlands, etc. The whole family then gets together to dress up that particular homely tree and make it look beautiful, and this, of course, needs some effort and time from everyone, but what if you want to keep that decorated Christmas tree fresh for long? 

Your Christmas Tree can stay on top form if you follow these few easy steps:

Get A Fresh Christmas Tree

Start by trying to inspect the branches carefully before buying and make sure that they are not dried out or damaged in any way, and never buy a Christmas tree with broken branches. If you damage a branch, then cut those off and make the tree look nice and neat.

Leave it outside

It is best to leave your Christmas tree outside until you plan to decorate it, as it will dry out much quicker indoors than usual. Instead, place your Christmas tree in a container (bucket, e.g.) with some water.

Water Your Christmas Tree

It would be best if you kept your Christmas tree watered all the time, but you must not overwater it. Hopefully, you have a waterproof stand! A good rule of thumb is to fill the stand with one quart of water of every inch of the trunk’s diameter.
You might want to trim the trunk of your Christmas tree to get rid of dried resin! This helps your tree absorb more water and stay fresh for a longer amount of time.

Avoid Heat Sources

Keeping the Christmas tree away from any heat sources like a fireplace or heater is very important. Otherwise, the heat will dry out the tree’s needles and cause them to fall off sooner than they should.

Let Your Christmas Tree Breath

The next important thing is that you need to let your Christmas tree breathe properly so that it can absorb fresh air through its needles; this way, you’ll help keep it to stay longer fresh. Finally, place the Christmas tree in an area with good airflow to prevent mold and mildew.
If you follow these simple steps during and after buying a fresh-cut Christmas tree, then I am sure that your Christmas tree will look as good as new for a long time.

I wish you a Merry Christmas! 

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