How much does an Airedale Terrier shed?

How much does an airedale terrier shed?

The Airedale terrier does not shed much. Therefore, this breed is excellent for people who do not want to deal with a lot of dog hair.

This dog requires attention to her thick coat that needs frequent brushing at least once every week. Some owners feel that their dogs need two or three sessions before being wholly cleansed. If the dog’s coat is not brushed regularly, mats and tangles will form in her hair. This matting could cause damage to your pet’s skin and fur if they are left unattended for some time.

You can even reduce the amount of hair in your house if you brush them regularly to get rid of all the loose hairs before they disperse into your home and clothes.

What causes shedding?

This dog sheds when the seasons change, which is typical for almost all dogs. This breed will shed at a much slower rate during the fall and winter months than when it sheds during springtime or summer.

Dog food allergies can cause hair loss as well. So, check with your vet to make sure there is nothing wrong.

Puppies do not shed as much as adults, but they are still not immune from

Shedding can also be caused by stress or hormonal changes.

If you feel that your dog sheds too much, you might want to visit your veterinarian to ensure that she does not have a medical condition causing the excessive shedding.

Is the Airedale terrier a hypoallergenic dog?

Yes! Airdale terriers are considered hypoallergenic dog breed because they shed and drool very little. So for people who have allergies to dog hair, this dog may be a good fit for you. There is no 100 allergy-safe dog, though. All dogs shed a little bit of hair, so allergies are possible.


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