5 German Shepherd Like Dogs

German Shepherd like dogs

German Shepherd Dogs originate from Germany, where they were used to herd livestock for centuries before police forces began using the breed as trackers and rescuers during catastrophes. Today, these dogs often work military service – sniffing out bombs or criminals. German Shepherd Dogs are intelligent dogs that need lots of activity to stay happy indoors – just be prepared with a lot of chew toys!
German shepherds are often easily recognized by their black and tan markings. They have a distinctive mustache and eyebrows that give them a skeptical appearance. German shepherds are loyal, intelligent, and brave dogs.
The German shepherd breed is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. In addition to its popularity, this breed has a long history as an excellent companion dog and working protection dog.
They are well-known for their intelligence and loyalty, making them very trustworthy companions.
These dogs are very protective, loyal, and aggressive if not appropriately trained. They can get along with children but need some training before being around them constantly. Early socialization helps prepare your dog for life with people and other animals.
Their powerful size should never be underestimated. These dogs have been used in the police because they are tough enough to handle situations without endangering officers or civilians. German Shepherds are very intelligent and learn quickly, but they need lots of exercise and activity to stay happy indoors. You have to be prepared with loads of chew toys because this breed tends to chew. They also can become destructive if not given enough attention or exercise.
They don’t get along well with cats, so they should never even be near them. If permitted, these dogs will chase other animals, so you must always keep them on a leash when outside the yard. Having another pet around may help prevent your dog from being lonely; however, it’s best to pick one that can stand its ground against an aggressive Shepherd such as another large dog or cat.
I love german shepherd dogs, but they’re not for everyone. So I picked out 5 german shepherd like dogs!

1. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog and is one of the most intelligent dogs. They have excellent tracking ability, agility, endurance, and loyal nature. It is famous as a police dog because of these qualities. Most of them are black with white patches on their chest and legs. These dogs need a job because they’re FULL OF ENERGY and not made for couch potatoes or people with a busy life schedule.

2. The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, aka Aussie, is best known for his herding abilities. These dogs also excel at agility, obedience, and tracking contests. Aussies are feisty herders with a keen sense of smell. This natural guardian works independently or with other dogs to corral livestock. Herding drives this energetic breed to keep active; without proper exercise, an Australian Shepherd will become bored and resort to destructive behaviors like chewing the furniture or digging holes in the yard. Aussies tend to be people-pleasers to make great family dogs provided owners have time for daily walks and run-around sessions.

3. Great Dane


Great Dane is a dog breed that originates from Germany. It is a giant breed that was originally bred for hunting wild boar. The Great Dane has a very similar appearance to the German Shepherd. The Great Dane easily surpasses the German Shepherd in height, with males ranging from 30 to 34 inches (76-86 cm) and females between 28 to 32 inches (71-81 cm).
The average height of male German shepherd dogs ranges from 24″ to 26″. For female GSDs, it’s about 22″ to 24″.

4. Husky


Husky is a dog breed with a wide variety of characteristics, and many people may find that most Huskies are very different from the kind of dog they desire. While being highly adorable, they’re also noisy and full of energy. FULL OF ENERGY! These dogs thrive in a cold climate.

5. Border Collie


Border Collie is a very energetic and active dog breed and, like the German Shepherd, intelligent, hardworking, guard dogs to have in the house. Therefore, you need to understand that this dog breed needs enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Final thoughts

All German Shepherd like dogs need a suitable job or task to be able to burn energy. Boredom can lead to either expensive destruction or just being bored and not doing anything at all. The truth is, there are not many dogs who are like the German Shepherd. Depending on why you want a different dog breed, getting a mix of the GSD with another, maybe smaller, less active, or less protective breed, might be the best choice.

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