German Shepherd And Lab Mix


German Shepherd And Lab Mix

The German shepherd lab mix is known as the German Sheprador (German shepherd Labrador).
These are extremely intelligent and bond with their family members very strongly.
This dog has typical features of a working retriever such as webbed feet for swimming, an excellent sense of smell and swimmer’s nose, a high endurance level, the desire to please its master/family, and a willingness to learn quickly.

A German Sheprador is alert yet not hyperactive like most retriever breeds; they make excellent watchdogs but don’t bark excessively in general; once trained, they will not run away, and they will always know where their family is.
They can be very temperamental at an early age, so training needs to start as soon as possible; they must be well socialized and properly trained throughout the puppy stage; if not, behavioral problems may arise.



The German shepherd lab mix is a medium-size dog that grows up to 60 cm tall and 20 kg in weight. They are usually brownish with lighter colored markings on the face, paws, chest, and tail tip. The coat is short, smooth but slightly wavy around the neck area. This breed has strong jaws, which allow them to carry the game easily through difficult terrain. Diet should consist primarily of high-quality dry food or raw meat; avoid giving large amounts of sweets before or after exercise as it may give them stomach problems.

German shepherd Labrador mix has a very short coat that requires minimal grooming, but daily brushing with a bristle brush or rubber curry will keep it shiny clean, and free from tangles. The dog’s ears should be cleaned regularly using a soft cloth dipped in warm water and dried with a towel to prevent infections. Its nails can be clipped when they get too long; this is best done by an experienced individual, as cutting too much of the nail may cause bleeding. As for its teeth – use doggy toothpaste (although you can also make your own) on the dog’s toothbrush and brush daily.

Are they good family dogs?

The German shepherd lab mix is a great family dog, provided that you make up for this breed’s tendency to bark excessively by training them properly. However, they can be pretty jealous of their territory and toys, so proper socialization is essential. Also, they may nip at your heels if you are walking too slow for his liking. The key here is not to let their playfulness get out of hand through excessive teasing or child-like affection on your part.

However, if trained well from an early age, the German shepherd lab mix will become an excellent guard dog and a faithful companion; this combination pack dog requires structure and rules in his life to reach his full potential.

They need a lot of attention, and if they don’t receive it, they may become destructive. If you are too busy, a German shepherd lab mix will be better off in a home where it gets plenty of attention and exercise.
The German shepherd lab mix is an excellent family pet for active families with large back yards who enjoy doing outdoor activities together on weekends such as camping, hiking, or hunting; the breed is more than capable of accompanying their owners on these outings. They are very devoted to their master/family, so training must start early, but this also means that they will require a lot of training.
They need something to occupy their minds during the day when you aren’t around – toys or another dog (if you have one) that he can play with is crucial. Otherwise, this breed’s mild boredom may destroy your furniture or other things.


Both parent breeds are known to shed a lot all year! Like the Labradors, they have double coats that shed heavily twice a year. They’re not considered hypoallergenic either.

Life Expectancy

The German shepherd and lab mix has a long life expectancy of 12-15 years, and generally, there are no major health issues except the occasional hip dysplasia and eye problems. The grooming routine consists of regular brushing sessions; baths can be given when necessary at least once every three months.


Intelligence, Training, And Exercise

These dogs are brilliant, but like all dogs, they need the training to learn acceptable behavior; obedience training is necessary to help them know what their master wants from them.
Known for its loyalty and bravery, the German shepherd lab mix will make an excellent guard dog as well as an excellent family pet.

German shepherd lab mix is an excellent choice for an active and outdoorsy family who enjoys hiking, long walks, camping, or other outdoor activities. 

However, this breed requires lots of attention and exercise, so it’s not the best option for people living in small apartments or busy office schedules.

Training should start early – The German Shepherd Lab Mix will be very loyal to its master only if they spend time together daily; they are known to bond with their owner very strongly so proper socialization at a young age is important. 

This dog needs firm, consistent training to understand the boundaries and not run away or become destructive when you leave him alone for long periods. If you give your dog the proper training, he would be a great guard dog.

German shepherd lab mix loves to play; they enjoy chewing and need plenty of toys, so make sure you rotate them often. Be sure that there are plenty of chew toys around as this breed can be very destructive when left alone for too long; boredom leads to licking furniture or other things (an annoying habit), digging holes in your backyard – or even worse! If not given sufficient attention and exercise, your dog may turn out to be mischievous. You need to take him out frequently for exercises and play with him daily; otherwise, he might become depressed, leading to destructive behavior patterns.

Is the German Shepherd And Lab Mix good with cats?

Some dogs will try to herd cats, and that could be problematic. If you have a cat, it would be best to have a room just for your cat(s) where they feel safe when your dog is around.


With a German Sheprador, you’ll get an active, loyal, intelligent dog that requires a lot of attention and exercise. But, if you spend time with them, they will be very devoted to you forever. German Shepherd Lab Mixes have a good temperament for first-time dog owners.
If you do not want the responsibility of dealing with an energetic breed, this may not be the best mix for you; since they require plenty of attention, exercise, and playtime daily.

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