Can a Rabbit Eat Oats?

Can a rabbit eat oats?

Yes, but only in moderation. Oats and oatmeal aren’t part of rabbits’ natural diet and should be used only in small amounts.

Oats are one of the most highly concentrated carbohydrate sources for rabbits due to their high starch content. They’re nutritionally dense, containing many vitamins and minerals and fiber, which makes them good supplemental feedings – but should not replace hay. 

In general, however, too much grain can lead to obesity and other health problems like dental disease and diarrhea. Ensure that the oats you choose are plain, not flavored or sweetened.

Sweetened varieties should be avoided because they may contain sugar which will cause tooth decay and possibly obesity in your pet.

Oatmeal also contains soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol, so this food is actually good for them!

Remember, no more than 10% of the diet should come from grains like oats.

Oats are high in protein and contain many minerals to be good for an underweight rabbit.

So yes, they can make a nice, chewy treat, but the number of calories in large servings of oatmeal could lead to obesity. It’s best to give them in small amounts as a treat instead of making them a part of your rabbit’s daily diet.

Always make sure your rabbit has plenty of fresh water and timothy hay available to munch on as they are the best nutritional options for them!

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