Can a Bunny eat Watermelon?


Can a bunny eat watermelon?

Yes, but keep it an occasional snack! Bunnies love eating watermelon! Watermelons contain more than 90% of water (with the rest mainly being fiber), so they’re a source of fluids, plus they provide Vitamin A, B5, and potassium.

However, your bunny should only get small amounts occasionally, as watermelons are high in sugar, which is unhealthy for your bunny. You should also remove the seeds, as they might cause stomach problems.

Watermelons are often sprayed with insecticides or pesticides, which is unhealthy for bunnies (and humans alike), which is why it’s not recommended to feed the green parts to your bunny.

Also important! 

Your bunny should have an unlimited amount of high-quality hay and fresh water available.