Can a Bunny eat Cardboard?

Can a bunny eat cardboard?

Chewing on cardboard is an excellent way for a bunny to keep its teeth trimmed. It also keeps it occupied when you are not at home to play with it. Cardboard is OK as an occasional treat but NOT as their primary diet.

Bunnies need to eat enough hay as it makes up most of their natural diet. Bunnies have sensitive stomachs, so they should eat their cardboard in moderation or avoid it entirely if there’s any change to their droppings or you think the bunny is acting differently.
Also, remember if it has foil or paper inside, it’s not good for them either, so make sure you remove these parts first!

Cardboard is made from trees, so there is nothing wrong with giving them this material as long as it has no glue or plastic on it because those will make your bunny sick.

Toiletpaper rolls are a fun toy for every bunny to play with and chew on.

Some bunnies will not be interested, but others love it and could play with it all day!

To sum this up

If you’re wondering how healthy cardboard is for a bunny, its main purpose is as an occasional snack because

1) It keeps your bunny busy while you are away

2) It keeps them occupied when they need something to keep them busy

3) It makes their teeth clean

4) It gives them some extra fiber

5) There’s nothing harmful about having a little taste of cardboard now and then Because cardboard is made from trees.

The wood fibers help digestion because every part of the rabbit’s natural diet has wood fiber – hay, branches, bark…! 

As long as you monitor your bunny for any changes in behavior or activity level, it’s OK now and then but try not to give them too much cardboard since it’s not very nutritionally dense compared to hay (which they need the most).

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