Can a Bunny eat Bananas?

Can a bunny eat bananas?

Yes! Bananas are an excellent treat for your bunny. Bunnies need a lot of fiber in their diets, and bananas are full of it! Fiber helps the bunny’s digestion. Bananas also have potassium, Vitamin B-6, C, and magnesium. Magnesium is essential because it helps regulate blood pressure in bunnies.

Careful, though, as bananas contain lots of sugar.

Many commercial bunny foods contain dried bananas as well, and most bunnies seem to love the taste of the yellow fruit.

It’s not recommended to feed banana peels because they may contain pesticides.

Bananas are an excellent treat for your bunny, as long as it’s just a treat and your bunny has healthy food (grains, hay, greens) and freshwater available. Bunnies are very adaptable animals and have survived for thousands of years on their own, so they should be able to manage pretty well with an average diet!


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