Akita Inu - A Dog bred to hunt bears

The Akita Inu is one of the most famous dog breeds from Japan, along with the Shiba Inu.

Originally these dogs were used as hunting dogs, mainly to hunt bears and wild boars.

However, by the 20th century, they were largely replaced in hunting roles by guns, and ownership declined rapidly.

However, they gained popularity with the general public as a symbol of Japan. As such, Akita dogs are often seen in Japanese films and paintings.

Today, as well as companion animals, they can still be found at dog shows. They also fulfill their senior role to guard farms and other property from wild animals.

Akita Temperament

Akita dogs are brilliant and loyal but also have a strong protective instinct.

They are very loving towards their masters, but they can be pretty intimidating due to their size. They will only act hostile towards strangers if they feel a real threat to their families or themselves.

Due to this, Akita dogs make excellent guard animals. However, due to its loyalty, the dog may become stressed if left alone for long periods by itself without attention from its master. Therefore, owners need to give the animal plenty of exercise and companionship to avoid getting upset or out of shape.

As a result of hunting dogs, some Akitas have a relatively high prey drive. This means they may chase cats or smaller animals when they see them as potential food sources.

They should only be left with pets if they get on well beforehand. Otherwise, it will not hesitate to attack.

However, fearlessness is one of the main characteristics of these dogs, and they are not particularly bothered by other aggressive animals like Rottweilers or Pit bulls, making them useful for security purposes in this regard.

Akita Appearance

The Akita Inu has an appearance similar to that of a bear. It is quite a large dog, with males growing to around 28 inches (70cm) tall and females reaching 26 inches (65cm) in height. Male weight ranges from 130 pounds (59kg) to 150 pounds (68kg), while a female weighs anywhere between 100 pounds (45.35kg) and 120 pounds (54.5 kg).

The head of the Akita Inu is wedge-shaped with powerful jaws that allow it to bite through thick bone. The ears are triangular and should be medium-sized and pointed upwards slightly.

The tail is long, reaching down to the floor when the animal stands up straight. Its limbs are short but intense, which helps it to move around on the snow. However, it is not particularly good at grooming itself and should be brushed quite often. The coat is short, with stiff hairs forming an outer layer, while longer hairs underneath keep the body warm during winter.

Akita Health Problems

These dogs can live for up to 12 years if they are well looked after, but unfortunately, they have some health problems associated with their breed. One of the main ones is hip dysplasia, which causes the dog to have trouble moving around. It can also lead to arthritis and collapse of the joints, especially as they get older.

In addition, an Akita may develop glaucoma in its old age. This disease can damage the nerves in its eyes, and it can lose vision over time if no action is taken. Another common problem is heart disease, with a number of these dogs dying due to cardiac arrest at a young age between 2-8 years of age

Akita Training

Due to their protective nature, Akita dogs must be properly trained from a young age when they start interacting with other people or animals. It will take some time, but their intelligence makes them easy to house train.

They can be stubborn at times. However, they also understand when there is a real threat to the family from outsiders and will even take on bears or wild boars! As a result, Akita owners mustn’t fear other people or animals when out walking. This may make the dog think there is a danger which could cause it to attack others without thinking twice.

The only way for these dogs to accept strangers is to interact with them while young. In addition, once they have reached adult age, they should remain socialized to keep a good temperament around other humans. Of course, this does not mean that it will completely lose its aggression, but it will prevent severe altercations from occurring.

Akita Exercise

Since they are bred to be hunting dogs, Akitas need plenty of exercise and playtime to prevent them from becoming overweight. Some owners even give their pet a job as a guard dog for this reason so that it is occupied but also feels like it has some purpose.

This breed can become restless if left alone for long periods without any form of entertainment or activity. It will start barking at other people who walk by the house, which can cause problems with neighbors. Most owners, therefore, prefer getting them involved in competitions such as sledding races or agility contests to have something to do while still maintaining health and fitness levels.

Akita shedding

Akitas have a heavy shedding period once a year, which means owners will have to clean around the home more frequently. Unfortunately, this also means it will require additional brushing and grooming for its coat to remain healthy at all times.

All dogs shed naturally, but this breed sheds hair on a more frequent basis than some other breeds, so there are certain things that dog owners must take into consideration before getting one. Firstly, they cost quite a lot when buying grooming products like brushes or combs. Secondly, they need regular baths due to their thick coat, so these costs can also add up quickly. However, the good news is that Akita’s fur is very soft and beautiful!

Are they hypoallergenic?

This breed is not recognized as being hypoallergenic.

In a nutshell

There are many reasons why one would want to own an Akita dog. They are loyal, intelligent, and make the perfect guard dog.

If you decide to get one of these dogs, do make sure that it will go outside whenever it wants because they can become destructive if they don’t have enough access to the outdoors. If their owner is not at home during the day, this may pose a problem. Still, other than that, these dogs are exceptionally well-mannered if socialized from a young age which means most owners will not encounter any difficulties in a family environment!

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