Airedale Terrier - Hypoallergenic?

An Airedale terrier, also known as the Airedale or Waterside Terrier, is considered hypoallergenic. They are low to non-shedding, but they are super friendly and excellent with kids. Airedales need lots of exercises, so make sure you have time for them each day in your busy schedule! Airedales are also super intelligent and quick learners.


What is a hypoallergenic dog breed?

A hypoallergenic breed produces fewer allergens than other dog breeds. This is because dogs have millions of individual hair follicles on their skin that produce allergens (substances an allergic person is sensitive to).

The hair follicle’s root connects to a gland that produces sebum, an oil. Combining the two substances creates what is known as dander, which consists of tiny particles or flakes from pet skin and fur.

Airedale Terriers do not shed much, making them one of the hypoallergenic dogs around! However, if you have dog allergies, depending on how strong your allergies are, it may be better to avoid dog ownership at all because there is no such thing as a 100% non-allergenic dog. Airedale Terriers are low-shedding, but they do still shed.

A dog allergy can be a nuisance. However, dog breeds are less likely than others to trigger allergies. With this in mind, dog owners should be sure to do their research before deciding on a dog. Airedale Terriers are breeds that are less likely to trigger dog allergies.

If you are allergic to dogs, there are plenty of options for pet ownership, such as fish tanks, birds, tarantulas (not kidding), snakes, horses, etc. Plus, if your allergies aren’t too bad, there is still an option that works best for you!

– Exposure therapy can help those with mild allergies gradually get over them in time. This technique involves exposing someone slowly to the allergen to get over sensitivity reactions.

– If allergic, take your pet’s fur off of clothes or other items before coming into contact with them, and make sure you clean your house often (with a HEPA filter) if possible! This way, there won’t be as much dander floating around. 

Also, remove any hairs from furniture and clothing, which can cause allergic reactions. It is worth it because owning an Airedale is fantastic regardless of how messy they may be! 🙂

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