125 Names for a German Shepherd Male

125 Names for a German Shepherd Male

It’s pretty tough to find names for a German Shepherd male. Generally, male dogs are called macho names such as Braveheart, Champion, Hero, etc., while the females are named after some flower or tree-like Hazel or Rose. However, GSDs deserve the best out of everything, and hence we have compiled a list of names for German shepherd males so that you can have the best possible name for your pet.

In our list of names for male german shepherds, you will find both macho dog names as well as calm classy dog names. We hope this will help all those who wish to give their pets the best nicknames.

Here’s a list with our favorite 125 Names for a male German Shepherd

Adonis – Can’t find a more beautiful shepherd.

Ares – The God of War.

Anubis – From ancient Egypt, the jackal-headed God of mummification and the afterlife is a great

Ajax – Named after the Greek great warrior in Homer’s Iliad.

Apollo – The Greek God of the sun, music, and poetry.

Achilles – The immortal warrior hero of the Trojan war.

Artemis – The goddess of the hunt and wild animals in Greek mythology.

Atlas – The ancient Greek Titan who bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders.

Baron – A wealthy landowner ruling over a barony.

Bear – A large mammal that comes in various colors.

Cabot – An explorer from England who was the first European to discover North America.

Cairo – An ancient city and the largest city in Egypt.

Chandler – One who works with candles to make them or sell them.

Cougar – A wildcat from North America, also a mountain range in the Continental divide.

Creo – Short Latin for ‘I believe’.

Cyrus – The first Persian Great King.

Damian – An angel who is a messenger of God.

Dancer – A person who performs ballet or other dances.

Don – An honorific title for men and boys (endearing).

Donner – Thunder in German Shepherd – Perfect for a male with a loud bark.

Asher – One who brings good.

Flint – A hard stone used to make fire.

Foster – A parent or caretaker.

Ghost – A supernatural being that people believe in but cannot see.

Gideon – The champion of God’s army against the Midianites.

Goliath – A giant Philistine warrior from the Bible.

Hercules – He was a Greek hero best known for his strength.

Hunter – A person who hunts wild animals for food or sport.

Ian – The name of the legendary founder of Scotland.

Immanuel – God with us.

Iron – A substance that does not quickly wear out or decay.

Jude – The name of the brother of Jesus.

Kale – A green vegetable that is related to cabbage and broccoli.

Knight – A man who serves as a soldier in the army, especially in medieval times.

Lincoln – Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the USA.

Bravo – An Italian word for “good”.

Brutus – A Roman statesman who conspired with Cassius to assassinate Julius Caesar.

Brushy – A bush is a shrub that is smaller than a tree.

Butch – A man with masculine qualities or features like strength and energy.

Caesar – A name of a famous Roman emperor.

Cash – Money

Coyote – A wild canine from North America.

Cupcake – A sweet food that you eat in a cup.

Griffin – A monster with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. 

Gunnar – A hero in Norse mythology.

Hercules – The Roman mythological hero who

Gunner – A soldier who serves as a gunner.

Gene – Origin, descent.

Genesis – The first book of the Bible. 

Geronimo – An Apache Indian.

Romeo – A male given name that comes from Rome.

Maverick – A person who does not accept the rules of a group and often behaves in an eccentric way.

Romulus – is one of the most famous roman gods who founded Rome with his twin brother Remus.

Seth – A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

Triton – A Greek god who was the messenger of the sea.

Vandal – An inhabitant of the ancient Germanic tribe which destroyed and looted.

Boss – A person who is in charge of an organization, business.

Ares, Orion – the greatest gods of Greece

Theseus – Theseus was a hero in Greek mythology famous for slaying monsters and beasts

Zeus – was the ruler of the gods and goddesses, as well as ancient Greece

Thor – Thor was a hammer-wielding giant from Norse mythology;

Mars – the Roman God of war who inspired warriors with courage

Odin – the chief and leader of the Norse gods, who is associated with wisdom

Theseus – Theseus was a hero in Greek mythology famous for slaying monsters and beasts

King Leonidas – King of Sparta who fought against the Persian Empire

Hylas – was a hero of the Greek legend of Jason and the Argonauts

Cerberus – In Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus is a multi-headed hound whose duty it was to guard the gates.

Mephistopheles – was a demon in German folklore that tempted people to commit evil.

Ragnarok – the Norse end of the world.

Perseus – in Greek mythology, Perseus was the son.

Ebeneezer Scrooge – From Dickens “A Christmas Carol”.

Rudolph – The red-nosed reindeer.

Jonah – In the Bible, Jonah was a prophet who a big fish swallowed.

Jubal – A Biblical patriarch named in Genesis 4:21.

Dingo – In Australia, this is a wild dog native to that country.

Tiger – A large cat that has dark stripes on an orange body and lives in south Asia.

Tucker – In the South, this means a person who has a gift for making something out of nothing.

Royal – A royal is a prince or princess.

Rascal – a boy or girl who behaves in a silly way; mischievous.

Prancer – One of Santa Claus’ reindeer.

Dancer – One of Santa Claus’ reindeer.

Comet – An object that moves around space. And one of Santa Claus’ reindeer.

Lucky – A person with good fortune.

Fido – From Latin familial, the name is used as a term for a dog.

Orion – A hunter in Greek mythology whose belt was considered to be the most beautiful thing in the world.

Cerberus – In Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus is a multi-headed hound whose duty was to guard Hades’ gates.

Ace – A winner or something that is excellent of its kind.

Rex – King; ruler.

Casper – In folklore, this is the name of a ghost who haunts graveyards.

Ace – The best or most effective; something that succeeds wonderfully.

Tiger – A large cat that has dark stripes on an orange body and lives in south Asia.

Thor – Thor was a hammer-wielding giant from Norse mythology; his father Odin sent him to earth dressed as a girl to prevent his death.

Rocky – A hard substance made from rock. Also, a common name for german shepherd dogs is usually tough and strong! (Hard Substance)

Wizard – A man or magician with exceptional skills in magic.

Dynamite – Something very powerful, effective, or attractive. It can also be used when you describe the personality of your male german shepherd dog!

Wolfgang – In music, this is the nickname of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart − one of the greatest composers ever.

Goliath – This name is mentioned in the Old Testament as one of King Saul’s soldiers.

Max – A man’s given name.

Xerxes – Xerxes was the king of Persia when Greek heroes fought against him.

Czar – From the title for the ruler of Russia.

Titan – From Greek mythology, these were great strength and power giants.

Wolf – An animal that resembles a dog but is a wild predator.

T-Rex – A colossal dinosaur with sharp teeth and short arms. Very short arms…!

Wolf – A canine mammal with a grayish-brown coat, pointed ears, and a bushy tail.

Lobo – Spanish for wolf.

Wyatt – In the Bible, this is the name of one of King David’s warriors.

Clyde – A surname but also a river that flows.

Gaelan – One of the biggest cities in New Zealand is called Gaelan.

Lex – Short for Alexander.

Orion – In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant who killed all wild animals with his bare hands.

Rex – Latin for king 

Rico – This name is perfect for a male german shepherd.

Romeo – A man who is in love with a woman named Juliet and dies tragically.

Reaper – The person who cuts the crops;

Flint – A hard, stone-like substance that is used for making tools.

Boomer – This name is used for a male german shepherd.

Forest – A large area of land covered with trees or forests.

Frosty – Something that looks as white as snow.

Blacky – Perfect for a german shepherd male.

The German Shepherd is a dog known for its loyalty, courage, and intelligence. And only deserves the best name. These qualities and characteristics of the German Shepherd dog have made this dog a favorite among families. The best names for dogs always describe their physical attributes, personality traits, and reputation.

Whatever you pick, we’re sure it will be the perfect name for your beloved dog.

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