100 German Shepherd Girl Names - With Meaning

100 German Shepherd Girl Names – With Meaning

Searching through thousands of names for a german shepherd girl can be very time-consuming, and we know that because we just did it.

If you are trying to find an appropriate female dog name, we hope that this list helps you find the perfect one.

Since ancient times, dogs have been man’s best friend, and they still are today. The loyal companionship that a good dog offers its owner cannot be praised enough. Going through this collection of names for a german shepherd girl, you will indeed find the perfect name for your new family member!

Let’s go!

Eve – Of biblical fame; “The first woman,” or Evelyn 

Florence – Means “Flower”; Daisies were originally called Florence;

Gretel – From the Brothers Grimm fairy tale; A young girl, also a German shepherd dog;

Isabelle – diminutive of Elizabeth; Beloved woman who was highly regarded in her day.

Penelope – Often used as a literary name; In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope was the loyal wife of Odysseus. She waited for his return for many years;

Rhea – Ancient Greek goddess of fertility and motherhood; Mother to the gods; “Mother Earth.”
Aurora/Morra – Means “Dawn”; The first light after the darkness. These names are also used in Spanish-speaking countries: María or Aurora meaning sunrise.

Blanche – White or bright colored, as opposed to black. A person that is kind and gentle.

Bertha – Strength of mind or body; or with French origin meaning “Warrior Woman.”

Rosie – Diminutive of Rose, short for Rosalind, Roslyn, etc.; and means “Dewy one”;

Molly – Used to denote an unmarried woman in years past. What more could you ask for than an unmarried canine?;

Isabel – means “God is my oath”;

Cordelia – the heroine in Shakespeare’s King Lear;

Nellie – diminutive of Helen, which is derived from the Greek meaning ‘to lighten’; or short for Eleanor, which means “Light”;

Daphne – An ethereal beautiful forest nymph that Apollo chased to protect her virginity.

Francesca – A beloved woman

Maeve – Strong-willed Irish Queen.

Blair – A place name in Scotland meaning “A field” or “Open land”; also Blair is the last name;

Sally – The diminutive of Sarah, which means “Princess” or “Chosen one.”

Aeira – Goddess of the winds.

Amabel/Emabelle – My grandfather’s mother was named Emabelle; It is a variant spelling of Emma, which means “Universal”;

Judy – Diminutive of Judith, which is derived from the Hebrew word Chayyd meaning ‘a Jewess’; or short for Georgiana: defender of humanity (it would be nice if there were some German Shepherd dogs to do this);

Melinda – The Lady of the Lake; Ranger’s queen in Walter Scott’s epic poem

Fiona – comes from the Gaelic word for fair, beautiful, white;

Roxie – A variation of Roxanne, which means “dawn” in Latin. Also, a town in South Africa whose name comes from either Cape Dutch or Afrikaans meaning “red.”;

Amber – Shimmering fossilized resin from trees that died millions of years ago; Canine companion would be nice too!;

Hazel – The ancient noble tree whose nuts were used for divination; also the color of an eye;

Anya – Another Russian name meaning “Heavenly” or “God’s gift.”

Bella/Bea – Means “Beauty.” We know that German Shepherds are gorgeous!

Cameron – Scottish/Gaelic origin and means “Crooked nose.” Also, in Greek mythology, the river god.

Elsa – is a female name that originates in Scandinavia.

Amaryllis – Flower name; She may not smell as good as the flower but still can be excellent!;

Astrid – Scandinavian/Germanic origin and means “Divine protector”; Or just using it to describe your favorite canine companion since most of them love to protect you!;

Maeve – legendary Irish queen with bee-colored hair; (Another Maeve in this list!)

Kitty – Used for females starting in the 17th century

Gracie – an alternate spelling for Grace, which can mean bestowing a blessing. Also, from Latin, it was the name of a goddess of fertility. A dog would be like that

Pepper – Spice made from the fruit of plants belonging to the Piperaceae family and usually used for seasoning food;

Lola – diminutive of Dolores, which is Spanish for “sorrow”;

Ruby – Precious red gemstone; Also a diminutive of the name “Ruby”;

Samantha – Hebrew origin and means “God has heard.”

Liz/Eliza – Eliza Doolittle – a young woman in George Bernard Shaw’s play ‘Pygmalion’ who is transformed from a typical flower girl to a high-society belle;

Lydia – A region on the coast of Turkey bordered by Phrygia in the east, Cilicia

Scarlett – Means “red-haired” in Gaelic; Also a famous woman’s name;

Anastasia – Means “rebirth” in Greek;

Holly – The name of a plant with bright red berries; Holly is the feminine form of Hollis, which was a surname derived from a place of that name in Nottinghamshire, England.

Ginger – A spice, color, or person who is lively and energetic.

India – From India, an exotic name that evokes visions of fragrant canopies in palaces surrounded by tropical gardens filled with flora and fauna.

Indy – Short for Indianapolis, Indiana

Savannah – The name of a place in Georgia; an extensive grassland with trees that grow along its borders.

Madison – Derived from an Old English name that means ‘son of Maud’; Also, Madison is a surname.

Sable – Dark brown color or animal skin made from sable fur; In heraldry, this refers to black coloring on a coat of arms.

Olive- From the fruit tree Olea Europaea, which originates in SE Asia and North Africa; Olive oil is used for cooking. It can also refer to the leaves of this tree. The olive symbolizes peace, love, and purity.

Ivy – Common English plant with leaves that are green, and berries used for making wine; or the name of many characters in books, films, and other media.

Zoey/Zoe – From the Greek word for life.

Iris – The flower name for a shade of blue.

Chloe – A variation of the Greek meaning “young green shoot”. Ivy and Chloe are good choices for GSD girls’ names in American English.

Lily – The name of several plants cultivated for their showy flowers; or the common flower, which is white with a yellow center. Also short for names such as Lilian or Liliana, which are beautiful too!

Marigold – Flower with yellow petals; Mainly used as a yellow dye.

Sadie – Diminutive of Sarah ‘princess’; It is also a diminutive of Susan born on Saturday (who would want a German Shepherd dog born on Saturday?)

Cora – Derived from the Greek word to

Celia – Diminutive of Celia, derived from the Greek word ‘to conceal’; and was transformed into old English as Cecily. By extension, it became an early Christian name. The third wife of Henry VIII bore this name, and it has been kept up ever since;

Violet – A purple color, or the name of a flower used for making perfume.

Sasha – A diminutive of Alexander, which means “Defender”; also a short form (in both languages) of Alexandra: defender of mankind.

Cinnamon – The name of an ancient spice made from the dried bark of cinnamon trees in Sri Lanka and India

Sunny – It resembles yellow in appearance but does not have a golden hue like sunflower seeds, which come from a sunflower plant.

Sandy – From the name Sandra, which was the Old German word for “defense”; or short form of Alexandra: defender of mankind.

Poppy – Name of a poppy flower; A dye used to make clothing colorful. It is also another term for opium used as a drug in Asia and America.

Lena – From the German meaning ‘mature’;

Flora – The goddess of flowers and spring, especially favored by women. It is also a popular name as a woman’s name;

Clara – Means “Clear” in Latin; or “Bright”; Also used for other female saints Commonly considered to be the feminine form of the Germanic name Conrad, which comes from the Latin elements meaning ‘bold’ and ‘brave’;

Gretchen – means little Greta; or a concise form of names beginning with Greta; German name that means “pearl”;

Gretel – another diminutive; also comes from the German meaning ‘little’ and was used about something small, like an ant or insect.

Emma – The fourth most popular name among female babies born in 2007 in England and Wales.
India – A country in Asia; An exotic name that evokes visions of palaces surrounded by tropical parks filled with flora and fauna.

Cinnamon – The name of a spice made from the dried bark of cinnamon trees in Sri Lanka, India; cinnamon is another term for these trees.

Ginger – A spice, color, or person who is lively and energetic.

Marigold – Flower with yellow petals; Mainly used as a yellow dye. Also, another term for opium is used as a drug in Asia and America.

Sadie – Diminutive of Sarah ‘princess’; It is also a diminutive of Susan born on Saturday (who would want a German Shepherd.

Isadora – Means “One who gives joy”; Also a diminutive of Isabella.

Emma – Derived from the Germanic root, “strength”; It is most often thought that Emma originates with the Old German word Ebright which means “universal”;

Lucille – Diminutive of Lucy, Latin for “light” or “the light-bringer”. Also, a Roman saint named Lucy;
Marjorie – Means “sea warrior”;

Clementine – From the Latin word meaning ‘gentle’; Mercy person

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia was a noblewoman who drowned herself after her father and brother died.

Zoe – means “Life”;

Dorothea – She was named after St. Dorothea, a virgin martyr and saint who died during Roman Emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians in 303 AD.

Angelina – Angelic Woman – Clearly one for you dog lovers out there!

Rosalind – She is a female character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It: “The only niece of old Sir Rowland de Boys”;

Marian – From the Shakespeare character in Robin Hood: “Daughter of Sir Phillip de Boys”;

Elizabeth – Hebrew name meaning ‘My God is an oath, or a 17th century British Queen Elizabeth I.
Ethel- Old English means “noble.”

Ingrid – The beautiful daughter of Harald Bluetooth who converted to Christianity

Ursula – Princess from German legend who married a Prince of Scotland;

Juliette – A beautiful Italian girl, Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouts in 1912.

Etta – From the “Yiddish,” meaning powerful, or a short form of Ethel from Old English and means ‘noble’. This was my mother’s name;

Linda – Beautiful Spanish girl’s name (diminutive of Guadalupe) like Linda Lusardi, who was a year ahead of me at Stuyvesant High School in New York City;

Isadora – The Russian Isadora Duncan dancer and adventurist. She died in 1927 after her scarf caught on an open car door while driving her daughter on Sloane Avenue in London.
Matilda – Means ‘Warrior Woman’;

Stella or Estelle – Latin for Star, which is a constant reminder that your dog is always there to guide you in the dark;

Katherine – Greek meaning ‘pure’;

Marianne – from the French, and means “Beloved Woman”;

Polly – English diminutive for Mary; or Peg, short for Margaret.

Regina – Latin feminine form of ‘King,’ means ruler;

Christine – Germanic for Christian or follower of Christ.

German Shepherd Dog Girl Names

Hopefully, this list has been helpful on your journey to find good names for your german shepherd.
Whether it is a girl or a boy, there are many good ways to come up with creative and interesting names. There are hundreds of traditional and not-so-traditional German shepherd girl names that will help you get started. 

If you want your pet to have a perfect name, there is no need to hurry. Many people have chosen unique words from their language, culture, or interests when deciding upon a unique name or choosing one that suits their lifestyle best!

My own favorites are always names that reflect a dog’s personality, behavior, or physical appearance.

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