Will Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs?

Will squirrels eat bird eggs?

Squirrels are known to be pretty naughty, stealing nuts and birdseed from people’s feeders. But will Squirrels eat bird eggs? 

You betcha! Squirrels eat a variety of foods. They enjoy a diet based on nuts, seeds, and other fruits. However, they are omnivores and have been known to eat eggs from birds nests.

If a squirrel lives in an area with lots of bird nests (such as parks or wooded areas), they may naturally find bird eggs to eat. However, empty bird nests could also be raided by squirrels looking for an easy meal.

Squirrels are opportunists. If there is food nearby, they will go for it.

However, they can’t be blamed for eating bird eggs since it is natural behavior going on for a long time.

Overall, yes, squirrels WILL eat bird eggs!

And they will also EAT BIRDS!

Squirrels have been known to kill and eat baby birds from time to time. They do this if they are hungry and need a food source that is easy to find, which baby birds, unfortunately, are!

Adult birds are more of a challenge for squirrels because:

1) They can fly away easily.
2) They can fight back if attacked. 

However, the squirrel will still attack an adult bird if it looks like a good meal.

Squirrels are portraited as herbivores, but they are also opportunistic hunters in the wild, including small animals, eggs, and even carrion.

It’s rare, however, that a squirrel will even bother with hunting. Instead, squirrels are commonly found eating nuts, seeds, and fruits from their environment.

A squirrel’s diet is mostly based on harvesting plants and nuts from trees and bushes. 

They will usually spend time every morning gathering food for the day.

Meat in the squirrel diet should be seen as an exception to the rule. It doesn’t happen often, but it definitely happens occasionally!

Are squirrels cute? Yes! But they’re still wild creatures who sometimes do bad things like stealing eggs and attacking birds.

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