Which Dogs Are Good With Cats?

Which dogs are good with cats?

Almost all dogs accept cats if raised and socialized together, but some dogs are better with cats than others, and these can be your best choice if you want both a dog and a cat.

Dogs usually chase cats because they are instinctive predators. Historically, this was a good trait for dogs, but in modern days it can land them in trouble if they have to live with cats in one home.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to prevent if you choose the right dog.

Some breeds will never get along with cats due to their predatory natures, so these shouldn’t be considered if you hope to add both creatures to your home.

The easiest way to avoid problems between dogs and cats is to choose the right dog breed if you get a new one.

We did some research to figure out which dogs are good with cats!

10 – Beagle

Although these little dogs are in the hound category, they ignore cats. They’re also easy to train and an excellent choice for families with both cats and dogs alike. Beagles will get along best if you give them plenty of space rather than forcing them together.

9 – Golden Retriever

These are great family pets, and they get along well with your cats! They have a sweet personalities and are very calm and gentle. These dogs are great for people that take long walks almost daily since this is one of their favorite activities!

8 – Collie

The collie has an easy-going personality, so it is more than likely to get along with your cat! These dogs are stubborn and alert, making them good watchdogs for your house. They love running around in the yard with their favorite toys and playing games such as fetch or tag.

7 – Newfoundland Dog

These dogs are giant! And so is their heart. They are gentle giants who get along with everyone, including cats. Perfect if you need a big, calm dog.

6 – Chihuahua

Although they have their own minds, Chihuahuas are social creatures who like being part of families rather than being by themselves all day long. So again, if you’d like both dogs and cats in one home, these little guys will probably get along just fine.

5 – Boston Terrier

These terriers are intelligent and spunky, so you’ll need to have a lot of patience with them while training. However, they have a friendly temperament towards other animals, including cats. In addition, they are not overly active, so they’ll make an excellent companion to an apartment.

4 – Poodle

Poodles are dogs that are good with cats. They are very loving animals that like to be around people. They are good with children too. They generally get along well with other pets, though they may see the cat as a rival for attention and interact inappropriately.

3 – Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small-sized breed that has an extremely loyal and gentle personality. It is not only good with people but also great with cats. This breed makes a great family pet. They are very friendly dogs who make wonderful companions for families and life-long friends for seniors. Bichons are bright, merry little dogs who will entertain you with their happy little play attitude. They have a soft, curly coat like cotton (hence the name), and they don’t shed much hair. The coat will need frequent brushing, as it can be prone to tangles from all the time spent playing and exploring outside.

2 – Corgi

Corgis are playful dogs that are good with cats. They are usually friendly and playful and will play with your cat. Sometimes, they can be a little stubborn, but they are generally easy to train for persistent people. Just make sure you have plenty of toys for your Corgi, as they like to play fetch.

1 – English Bulldog

These are great for people who want to have a calm and patient dog – and cat-friendly! Many love them because of their easy-going attitude towards life, which they share with cats. English Bulldogs make excellent pets for families with young children, although you have to be careful when taking them outside in hot weather as they cannot handle the heat too well.

In a nutshell

Our “Which dogs are good with cats” list isn’t complete. Most breeds get along with cats if raised together or slowly introduced. However, many hunting dogs may see cats as prey. So the best choice is usually a dog with a friendly character.

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