Which birds mate for life?

Some birds mate for life. These birds have a special bond between them and will be together for the rest of their lives. Here is a list of birds that mate for life:

Barn Owls

The barn owl is one of the birds that mate for life. They have a special bond and will not choose another mate. Barn Owls are truly majestic and surprisingly graceful birds, that can maneuver in the dark, silent wings in a moonbeam, swooping down to pounce on prey hiding below the dusty floor of a barn. The barn owl is an angular and medium-sized raptor with short legs and good eyes. This owl has big bright brown eyes that shine up at you with anticipation… “What will my next meal be”, they seem to say.


Bald Eagles And Falcons

Bald Eagles mate for life. In the wild, these majestic birds will often stay with their mate and even don’t get a new partner if one of them is injured or killed. Bald Eagles do not build nests to raise their young; they instead use a large tree in which the female lays up to three eggs. Once incubation begins (29-36 days), both parents will take turns sitting on the nest for about four minutes at a time. Then, the parents alternate until the eaglets are strong enough to fledge (learn how to fly). During this time, food is brought by both adults and fed alternately to each hungry eaglet and its parent(s).


Albatrosses mate for life and some species spend life at sea without ever setting foot on land, and others migrate thousands of miles.
When albatrosses return to their breeding grounds, the pair (male and female) hold hands while they walk around the breeding colony.



Swans mate for life, and if a male dies, the female will find another mate. The couple will build a nest, and the female will lay up to 6 eggs. In some species, one parent (usually the male) incubates while the other watches for danger, while in others, both parents incubate. The offspring are fed by their parents’ regurgitation of “crop milk.” Crop milk is a rich source of protein, fat, and vitamins that promote rapid growth.
Females form pair bonds with males through elaborate courtship displays or dances.

Cranes mate for life.

Cranes are not fond of divorces either; they often perform dance displays to attract a mate and stick together once they find true love. Love is in the air! Who said birds aren’t romantic? Cranes often perform elaborate dances to attract a mate and they’re also monogamous once they find true love. Although cranes may not be the kind of birds banging their heads into your window, they have other strange dating rituals. So pick up your feather duster and start your own courtship dance, because love is just around the corner.



Vultures mate for life; they lay eggs on the ground or large branches where both parents take turns incubating them. Condors stick together for years, if not for life, and the couple builds a huge nest high in an old tree. The female lays one to three eggs. Both parents incubate the egg, and the offspring stays with their parents for up to five years.

Gadwall ducks

Gadwall ducks are only a few birds that do not form lifelong pair bonds with one specific individual. Males may take as many as 20 different mates during the breeding season. Females will build nests singly and usually lay 6-11 eggs that hatch in about one month if predators don’t eat them first!


The Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffins are monogamous. They’re very social birds and have distinctive calls that are used to attract mates and reunite after separation. They’ll build a nest out of pebbles, seaweed, grass, and feathers. The female lays one egg, and both parents take turns incubating it. When the chick hatches, both parents feed the baby by carrying fish to its open mouth.


Nothing says fidelity like a Gannet. They’re known to mate for life, and their partners return to the same nest year after year. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, the gannet is certainly a contender.


These beautiful, stunning little birds are kingfishers, and they go by the scientific name Alcedo atthis. Each pair mates for life, choosing to remain together even after the young have fledged.

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