They’re in your house, they’re in your car, and they might even be crawling up the walls of your bedroom as you sleep. But when is spider season? When do spiders come out to play? 

Spider season starts in September and ends in November. While the U.S. has no official “spider season,” it is the time of year when spiders are most noticeable in and around the home. Just in time for Halloween! 

You can find spiders all over the place during this time of year. 

They are most active at night, and the best time to see spiderwebs in your yard is at dusk during late summer and early autumn. Why is that? 

In the late spring and early summer, female spiders emerge from their winter hiding places to lay eggs. They spin intricate webs to catch flying insects like moths, mosquitoes, and bees. These insects provide food for the spiderlings that hatch in about a month.

Spider season is any time of year

But spider season is pretty much any time of year. While many people believe that spiders become most active during the summer and autumn, that’s not necessarily true. It all depends on where you live in the world. In areas with heavy rainfall (or snowfall), spiders are likely to be found outside their webbing during the spring and fall months when it rains (or snows) most often. During this time, female spiders are busy laying their eggs. When the babies hatch, they become free-for-all as they hunt each other for food as well as prey on other insects in your home. They are looking for anything that resembles a food source, including crickets, flies, and other insects, as well as small rodents and some pet foods.

When is spider season in Australia?

Australia has a varied climate, which means that spiders can be found in almost all areas of the country. That said, the two most common times of the year for spotting large numbers of beautiful arachnids are spring and autumn.

Spider Season in Australia.

The spider season in Australia can vary from state to state. For example, in New South Wales, located around Australia’s south-eastern corner, the Central Tablelands region sees large actively egg-laying adult female spiders from June through October. As a general rule of thumb, Australia’s spider season typically starts earlier in the Southern States and runs longer near coastal areas where warmer temperatures exist.

Spiders are helpful guests

When living in the suburbs, we are surrounded by an ecosystem with hundreds of types of spiders. From tiny Wolf Spiders to huge Daddy Longlegs, from common House Spiders to the rarely seen Black and Yellow Garden Spiders, you’re bound to find many kinds of spiders in your yard, home, garage, or even on your porch. But what do you need to know about them?

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Spiders are pretty helpful in houses. In fact, without them, your home will surely be infested with a number of unwanted pests and insects. Spiders not only feed on pests found within the house, but they also spin webs which act as a trap for pests and flies. So next time you come across one of these fantastic creatures, spare a thought for all that they do for you!