What are Christmas Flowers?

What are Christmas flowers?

Christmas flowers are those which are typically associated with the Christmas season. These may include poinsettia, amaryllis, mistletoe, and holly

Christmas flowers can be purchased in many places – garden centers, florists, and grocery stores during Christmas Season. Frequently you can even find flower displays within your local supermarket! 

In addition to buying fresh-cut plants at these locations, a wide range of potted “greenery” is also available. This greenery includes both evergreen bushes and flowering trees such as Fraser firs. Using pre-cut greenery for Christmas decorations helps keep prices down and offers an easy option for those who prefer less time to prepare for the holidays.

Christmas flowers are typically used as part of a Christmas tree. In addition, some varieties of holly and poinsettia can also be used in other arrangements – for example; these plants can be used to decorate mantles or tabletops.

Poinsettia is often thought of as a Christmas flower and becomes popular each year around Christmastime due to its red and green coloration.

They may be used as centerpieces for holiday tables or incorporated into wreaths. Mistletoe is also associated with holidays such as Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, but it is also used on trees during the Christmas season.

The evergreen plants that one typically associates with the winter season include various species of pine (black/Austrian/Scotch), spruce (Colorado/Blue/Norway), fir (Balsam), cedar, juniper, and arborvitae; all produce cones at some point and are used as Christmas decorations.

Christmas flowers can be found in different varieties, including live plants or dried. Many people prefer to use fresh-cut plants during the holidays because they are considered more festive than ready-made flower arrangements purchased from a store.

Holly is grown as an evergreen plant that typically keeps its white or red berries until after December 25th in climates with mild winter temperatures.

Mistletoe is a woody vine that will keep its berries through most of the winter season but should be harvested before growing again in the springtime. Neither of these flowers are “true” flowers; however, they can make great holiday plants because of their symbolic nature.

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