Meet The Tibetan Sand Fox

The Tibetan sand fox is one of the most unique animals found in the high Tibetan Plateau and the grasslands and semi-deserts of Nepal, China, Sikkim, and Bhutan. They are known for thriving at higher altitudes than other mammals and have adapted well to their particular environment. The IUCN Red List lists it as Least Concern.
These animals live monogamy and hunt during the day, alone or as pair. Tibetan sand foxes build burrows below rocks or trees in the grassland. They do not claim territories and often live with several fox pairs close to their burrows and even share their hunting area with other foxes.

What does a Tibetan sand fox eat?

The Tibetan sand fox is a Carnivore and their primary prey are Pikas, close relatives of rabbits. But it also likes to eat various foods, from rodents and lizards to insects and birds. It occasionally scavenges meat left over by hunters or moves into livestock pens when there is no food left in its natural habitat.

Why does the Tibetan sand fox have a square head?

Their square head is unique in the fox family and quite useful to hunt. As a carnivore, long snout benefits when hunting pikas who live in crude burrows between rocks in the mountains.
Whether you’re an animal lover or not, it’s hard not to admire this beautiful creature with its long bushy tail and large ears!