The Boodle - A French Bulldog Poodle Mix In A Nutshell!


French Bulldog Poodle Mix

A Boodle is a hybrid breed of dog, a French Bulldog and Poodle mix. Both are popular breeds among dog lovers, so the crossbreed has gained popularity in recent years. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for this breed.

Boodles have a beautiful personality like their parents. They are lively and playful and enjoy relaxing with their family when they get tired from playing all day long. Commonly, you hear Boodles barking at people and other animals on the street, showing how social they are. This means they will do well with other pets and people too! 

Sometimes you can find them curled up in your lap or on top of your feet while you’re sitting or lying down, which means they need attention most of the time. Other than being active indoors, these dogs also love exploring different places outdoors. In this way, they attain the physical and mental stimulation they need for a happy life.

Boodles is very smart and often seems to understand our commands before we even finish saying them! They love meeting new people and adjusting to their environment quite quickly if you train them in time. Being highly adaptive, Boodles have no problem learning house manners like not jumping on tables or barking at guests at home. However, it’s always better to start training your dog right from the puppy stage to ensure proper behavior when he grows older. 

Watching how fast these dogs learn their commands is fantastic, but please note that training is something they require throughout their lifetime because they tend to forget what you’ve taught them when they are not around or if there is a distraction. Boodles have a lot of energy to expend, and if you don’t give them enough physical activity, they will find something else to do, which may result in trouble. This is why dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend” since humans provide dogs with opportunities for activities, socialization, and training.

Training can be difficult for owners who don’t have much experience dealing with dogs, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible! With proper guidance from dog experts on training your pet, you can succeed no matter how little time and effort you invest in it. Be consistent and firm while training your Boodle so that he understands what you want from him. If you want him to stop barking, for example, reinforce the commands by rewarding him with treats or praise to stop repeating the unwanted behavior.

Boodles are often characterized as gentle dogs who don’t cause trouble in homes, but there are exceptions in breed traits among mixed breeds produced from two purebred parents. In this case, your Boodle puppy may grow into a high-energy dog similar to his Poodle parent if proper care is not provided. This means he will require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation throughout his life, including game playing and training activities. Also, watch out for warning signs such as excessive barking or digging holes around the house because these behaviors indicate your pet needs more outdoor time and physical activity.

Boodles have a long life span that ranges between 10-14 years. 

They are considered “toy dogs” due to their small size, but don’t let this fool you since they have an extremely strong-willed personality and can become dominant if not properly trained. This means you need to train your Boodle puppy to know his place in the home, so he doesn’t order around or bully other pets or people while growing up. 

You can expect your Boodle to weigh anywhere between 18 – 30 pounds when fully grown, making them ideal companion dogs for walking on a leash without causing any strain on you and giving them enough space for their exercise needs. 

If cared for properly with proper training, socializing, and a good diet, he will grow into a well-behaved friendly dog who can be your best friend throughout his life.
It’s not a surprise that many celebrities have chosen Boodle as their companion dogs for the design they’ve been recognized for. Since the French Bulldog Poodle mix is so adorable to look at, it attracts attention wherever it goes, which means you’re instantly in fashion with the trendiest designer dog!

 Although this breed requires proper care since it can quickly adapt to different living conditions and surroundings, you’ll love having one as an addition to your family.

Boodles is very enthusiastic about meeting new people and trying out new activities! They fit in perfectly when introduced into families with children and other pets since they are very energetic and playful all the time. Having a busy lifestyle doesn’t stop you from having a Boodle as your companion dog because this breed can tolerate long hours of walking, running, and other activities daily! 

Can You Keep Them As Apartment Dog?

The unique Designer Dog breed called Boodle is ideal for people who live in apartments or smaller houses because it doesn’t take much space for them to live while still getting enough exercise. This is truly an example of designer dogs that make life more fun and exciting than ever! Owning one for the first time would give any dog lover such wonderful satisfaction knowing their new addition will stay by their side forever through thick and thin while bringing joy into everyone’s lives every day!


Boodles have medium to long hair that needs to be brushed and combed regularly, especially if you don’t want your pet to look like he just rolled out of bed. Since they are smaller dogs, this helps their coats appear thicker and shaggier since they will have all the volume necessary for giving them an appearance that’s uniquely theirs. This coat is easy to maintain, but if not correctly taken care of using special grooming tools, it can get matted quickly, which means you need to brush him regularly with a wire dog brush or rubber grooming glove.

Boodles do shed time to time because of their Poodle parent but compared to other breeds who shed throughout the year, Boodle shedding is less frequent and only lasts for a couple of weeks. Many people who have this breed as a part of their family consider the amount they shed an advantage since it helps cleanse your home from harmful parasites and particulates that can cause allergies! In addition, keeping your dog groomed has many benefits, such as improving his health by removing dead hair that could be hiding in his skin. This prevents itchiness which makes grooming even more important for Boodle owners.

Exercise And Activity

Boodles need their daily physical activities not to get bored or feel abandoned if left alone for long hours. Providing them with enough exercise time is crucial to remain calm and obedient while growing up. Don’t worry because this doesn’t mean you’ll have to start training them early on, unlike other dogs that can get mischievous later on. The Boodle is alert and good-natured, making it easy to do other things while they play around without needing adult supervision. 

Training Your Boodle Dog

Since this breed tends to have a stubborn little streak, you need to be consistent when teaching them new commands. However, these dogs are very intelligent, so if you’re compatible with your teachings, they will learn new tricks as fast as any other dog! It’s easier for owners of a Boodle who want them trained since their small size makes it possible for people of all ages to handle them easily during training sessions at home or in the park. You should start training your puppy at an early age since that’s the best way to get him used to wear collars and leashes. It also helps that they are eager to please, so they will learn fast as long as you’re consistent with your training sessions and follow through by rewarding them when you see results!

Are they good family dogs?

The Boodle has a snooty attitude, so they are not recommended for families with small children. Although they can tolerate having their toys stepped on, or their tails pulled, it’s best to prevent them from getting too close to very young kids. This is because they tend to be protective of their family and might end up biting children in defense when playful bickering gets out of hand. Boodles do well around other pets such as dogs and cats, but early socialization will ensure that both your pet and the animals he encounters while out on walks get along great without any issues!


Not many dog owners have a hard time grooming their pets, but if you’re not entirely familiar with how to take care of Boodle fur, there are some things you should know which will help prevent cases of matting or tangles.

Boodles need a lot of attention when bathing since they aren’t as water-resistant as other breeds. Excessive washing can strip off the natural oils that keep their coat in good condition, so make sure that you get him used to being bathed at an early age and use a mild shampoo intended for dogs if needed. To prevent tangling and matting, brushing once or twice per week should be enough, but be careful if your pet has long hair because he might not like it if you touch it too much. If your pet has long hair, avoid washing him down too often or use a rubber brush since this will help remove dead hair and prevent skin from drying out.

Boodles have to be groomed regularly. Otherwise, they will start to get tangled in their fur, resulting in small injuries. Even though professional grooming is expensive, owners still spend the money because this breed needs more attention than most when it comes to dog grooming salons. In fact, dogs who need frequent grooming usually get used to visiting dog grooming salons every week because that’s the best way to make sure things don’t get tangled up. Clipping his nails is also something that should be done every few weeks so he won’t end up scratching and damaging your furniture.

The Boodle has a white coat, so people often assume they don’t shed, which is why you’ll be surprised to see fur all over your house! However, these dogs can be trained to avoid shedding as much as possible if you take them for frequent brushing since this helps remove dead hair that might otherwise fall out when petting them. If you want something done right, it’s better to do it yourself because professionals tend to cut too much off the dog’s coat, leading to unwanted shedding.

If you want to keep his beautiful fur looking clean without having so much of it around the house, daily brushing will help ensure less of it gets trapped in your furniture or on carpeting. You should also clip his nails regularly so he won’t end up tearing at the furniture.

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