The Scottish Deerhound In a Nutshell

The Scottish Deerhound is a large, smooth-coated, hound-like breed of dog that originated in Scotland. It is one of the oldest breeds, dating back at least 1,200 years to the ancient Scotland. The Deerhound was originally bred for hunting on foot and following blood trails—it has a keen sense of smell which enables it to track its prey. Its speed and agility will allow it to take down deer. The Scottish Deerhound is often mistaken for a wolf with its distinctive black coat. Here are the most important Scottish Deerhound facts.



Unfortunately, Scottish deerhounds do not live for very long. The average lifespan of a Scottish deerhound is about 8 – 11 years.
The Scottish Deerhound is also susceptible to specific medical ailments, such as hip dysplasia.



The Scottish Deerhound is a good family dog. It is gentle around children and likes to be around them. The Scottish Deerhound gets along with other dogs easily as well as cats. This breed does not have a high prey drive, so it should get along with the family cat just fine.
The Scottish Deerhound does require lots of exercise, though, so it’s best to live in an area where there is plenty of room for walking and running free through fields or on trails. These dogs need large areas to stretch their legs and run free; that way, they won’t take it out on the family.

The Scottish Deerhound needs its daily exercise in the form of long walks or jogs through fields and hills or hikes; these dogs have lots of energy to burn. Without this exercise, the Scottish Deerhound will not be able to control the energy that builds up inside, which leads to destructive behavior such as chewing furniture and other things around the house, as many dog breeds do.


Scottish Deerhound Hypoallergenic

The Scottish Deerhound is not considered hypoallergenic. The breed sheds moderately, which is a little more than most breeds. However, all dogs shed and produce dander, and the Deerhound is no exception.



The Scottish Deerhound is a rare dog breed. It is best for the family with plenty of room to exercise in and doesn’t mind the occasional brushing. The Scottish Deerhound is loyal, sensitive, and devoted to its family members. It gets along well with children and other animals as long as it’s had socialization, so it should be able to adapt to most household situations. However, this breed does have a short life expectancy of 8 – 11 years.

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