Pug vs French Bulldog

Pugs are very playful and friendly. Pugs are just as loyal as French Bulldog. Pugs do not require much exercise but will appreciate getting outside for a walk or running occasionally.

French Bulldogs love to play with anything they can get their paws on. 

Frenchies need quite a bit of exercise every day because they have lots of energy to burn off! Although some Frenchies aren’t that fond of the outdoors, most love long walks and running around in the backyard.

Both dog breeds have nearly the same intelligence. Pugs rank at 57 and Frenchies at 58 in Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs“, meaning they understand new commands within 40 to 80 repetitions and obey first commands 30% or better. They can be trained to do quite a few things if you take your time and use positive reinforcement and lots of patience. French Bulldogs are incredibly smart and trainable, although it may take some extra work to get them to understand exactly what you want. Some Frenchies are more stubborn than others, but most love learning new things!

Pugs tend to snore while sleeping- this is normal for them.
French Bulldogs can snore, but it is not as common.

French Bulldogs and Pugs are both adorable dogs with very similar characteristics. It’s hard to decide which one is cuter! No matter your preference, both dogs will bring loads of joy and happiness into your home if you take the time to raise them right!

Pugs tend to pout a lot when they are unhappy about something- this usually makes people feel bad because they don’t know precisely why the Pug is upset. French Bulldogs have a way of showing that they’re not happy by scrunching up their faces and turning away from whoever they’re mad at. However, some Frenchies out there either smile or smirk if they aren’t happy!

French Bulldogs are extremely affectionate and will cuddle up next to you whenever you sit down. Pugs are also very loving but not as touchy-feely as Frenchies.

Pugs tend to be a bit more stubborn than French Bulldogs, although most do learn their lessons if they make an effort. For example, some pugs can be trained to use the bathroom outside in a dog house or backyard using positive reinforcement.

The average lifespan of both dogs is 10-15 years, so there isn’t much difference between these two breeds when it comes to how long you’ll get with them. It depends on how well they are taken care of and their opportunities to act out their destructive behaviors. These two breeds are both beautiful choices for families with children- as long as you buy a puppy from a breeder who socializes them with humans and other animals!

However, French Bulldogs need quite a bit more work than Pugs when grooming. Be prepared for daily brushing (or even weekly brushing in some cases) if you’re going to share your home with this breed! If you let them get out of control, they can have pretty messy coats, so be sure to brush them regularly or hire someone else to do this job every couple of weeks. Pugs do not require as much grooming because their hair is fairly short, but they will shed year-round, so be prepared to vacuum all the time!
Pugs and French Bulldogs are both friendly dogs and are excellent additions to any family. They will keep you entertained constantly with their funny antics and silly faces! However, it’s essential to teach them right from wrong from an early age, or they may not know when they’ve done something that makes someone else angry. Even though these dogs look like couch potatoes on the outside, take one walk with them each day, and you’ll see how much energy they have!

Pugs love food more than anything else in the world. French Bulldogs can be pretty picky eaters, so they may not always enjoy a full meal at mealtimes. However, Frenchies will usually scarf down their food because they know that it’ll keep you and other dogs from bothering them while they’re eating. So if you ask your Pug to share with their friend, don’t expect them to give up any of the food voluntarily- this is what they live for!

Pugs are generally a little easier to train than French Bulldogs, although some very stubborn Pugs out there won’t make an effort to follow through with training. On the other hand, some Frenchies love learning new tricks and will take on board commands right away (if they make the connection between something they did and a treat). Once you have trained your Pug or French Bulldog, be sure to practice regularly with them! If you only train them once and never call upon their training when needed, they will forget everything they learned over time.

French Bulldogs often won’t make eye contact with their owners, so if you’re looking for a loyal friend who’ll keep you company on the couch while you watch television, this isn’t the breed for you. Instead, pugs are more likely to stick around and gaze lovingly into your eyes as well as listen carefully whenever you speak to them- assuming that they’re not too busy stuffing their faces with food at the moment!
No matter which breed you pick, make sure your new dog gets plenty of attention, basic training (like housebreaking), nutritious food, and lots of affection!

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