Pug mix with Yorkie - The Pugshire

Pug mix with Yorkie – The Pugshire

If you want to know how awesome a dog hybrid turns out, look at the parent breeds of both dogs because the offspring will combine the best traits of both parents.

The Pug

Full of life, watchful and loyal, a true delight to be around. That’s the Pug’s personality in a nutshell! This little dog is one of the most gentle, sweet-natured breeds you could ever care for. And over time, that “sour face” expression will turn to one of endearing charm and warmth that’s bound to capture your heart.

The Pug’s stocky, compact body coupled with that wrinkly-faced expression is bound to make you smile. Even small children are drawn to the lovable Pug, and they will be thrilled to know that this sturdy, playful little breed will enjoy all their favorite activities – roughhousing included! What’s not to love about a breed that will gladly join you for a fun day at the beach?
Pugs are not hypoallergenic, and they’re shedding heavily all year round. Not good, but that’s where the Yokie comes in.

The Yorkshire Terrier

If there is a more charming, cheeky, and intelligent dog out there than the Yorkie, we haven’t met it yet! Yorkshires are inquisitive little dogs with playful personalities that will put even the most active of humans to shame. With their compact size (they stand at just over 8 inches tall), they have no trouble keeping up with a busy household full of kids or adults.
Their attractive black and tan coat is sleek and well-groomed, making them the perfect dog for allergy sufferers who want to share their lives with a canine companion. They do shed heavily twice per year, though, so be prepared for lots of vacuuming during springtime and fall.

The Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier, aka Yorkie, is a small long-haired dog who always seems to have a smile on its face. It has a long coat that can reach up to the dog’s ankles.
It doesn’t shed much and is considered Hypoallergenic (even though all dogs shed to some level and no dog is 100% safe for people with dog allergies). This breed is commonly used as a pet for people who suffer from allergies or cannot tolerate dander (dead skin) but still want a dog.
They are very friendly and playful dogs that will thrive on human attention, so their person(s) need to be keenly interested when training them.

They do have quite a dominant streak, and they require early obedience training – without it, they may develop serious behavioral problems. They tend to be reserved with strangers, but they will become more friendly once they get to know the person better.

If you mix a pug with a Yorkie, you’ll get… the Pugshire!

This is a small dog with the best qualities of both its parents. 

The Pugshire looks very much like their Yorkie parent, but with the adaptable features of the Pugs. This dog is full of life and loves roughhousing, so you have to be careful not to overdo it during playtime.

Lovable, smart, and perky, this is one breed that will be a joy for you to own!
They require only a little exercise each day, and if they are playing as part of it, even better. However, they are not fond of being left alone, and they do need socialization when young with other pets or dogs to avoid fighting.

They do have quite a dominant streak, and they do require early obedience training because they may develop serious behavioral problems without it. They tend to be reserved with strangers, but they will become more friendly once they get to know the person better. If you are looking for a small dog full of life and fun, look no further than the Pugshire!

The mix of the Pugs and Yorkie is a designer dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years.
Because they’re so small, their energy needs are low; however, it’s important to take them for a walk every day at least once for exercise and make sure they have outside playtime as well to get the energy out! Also, be careful in hot weather because they don’t tolerate heat well.

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