In Feng Shui, what is the wealth corner?

In feng shui, what is the wealth corner?

The wealth corner is a term used to describe a space in your home or office that brings good luck. Several things can go into making the area, but it must be:

Clean and tidy – Keep this corner neat and clear of clutter. Leave any valuables at home when you’re not using them. Do not use for storing newspapers/boxes etc. Use for its intended purpose only (for example, if it is designated as your homework place, don’t store other items there).

Quiet – Blocks noise from other rooms and preferably has no outside windows where people can see in (which may cause gossip). Suitable for relaxing or meditating (if required by individual). It should bring calmness and peace to keep good Chi inside.

Clear – Accentuated by any light or energy present from plants, crystals, etc. It should feel safe and welcoming for household members and visitors. (Note: Do not place water in this area as this can create the five yellow/negative Chi (a bad omen).

Plants – If possible, have plants in the wealth corner because they allow good Chi to flow freely throughout the house or office. Plants are also crucial for absorbing bad Chi from negative energies that prevent them from entering your environment and ensure good fortune’s continued flow. Flowers such as plum blossoms, Pua Keng Lui (Queen Lily), chrysanthemums, etc., are highly recommended.


It does not necessarily have to be in a corner, but it must be recessed enough away from other areas of activity and noise, so it is not disturbed often. A wealth corner adds luck to your home or office because, in feng shui terms, wealth and money come from people who like you. So the more friends attracted to you, the more opportunities there will be for you to make money.

What draws people in? Usually, it’s something bright and shiny or flashes, such as a mirror or a crystal. Sometimes, it could be statues of Buddha. In other cases, it’s just the look and feel of an area with plants and paintings on the walls. It’s not a particular type of decoration that matters. Whatever you like as long as it attracts positive chi energy.

This is the area where very attractive plants or artwork in your home can be placed because they will act like good-luck magnets to attract more people into your life.

The following are some of the things that can be placed in a wealth corner to attract good luck and money:

1. The “money plant” (Pachira Plant) – This is one of the best plants for your home or office because it’s an excellent feng shui cure, especially if you want to have more money coming into your life. It provides good energy because they’re easy to grow, which means it requires less work on your part to keep them healthy. Their shape also makes for a beautiful decoration while providing positive feng shui energy. They’ve got a rather funny appearance but makeup with heartiness and great existence. If kept happy, they’ll flourish beautifully, giving lots of fortune chi all that looks at them.
The money plant is a reminder of good luck and wealth stuck in your home or office. It’s an ancient feng shui cure for attracting prosperity to the residents’ lives. The money tree can be placed just about anywhere as it flourishes amazingly well.

2. Gold coins – If you’re not keen on keeping real gold coins inside your house, you can opt for gold-leafed replicas instead or even paintings that have gold accents in them. There are many ways to achieve this effect but if possible, use living plants with gold leaves like Dracaena (also known as “Dragon Tree”) or Snake Plants (Sansevieria), which are both easy to care for indoor plants that look attractive and provide strong feng shui energy for wealth.

3. The “money bag” is a powerful symbol in feng shui that represents money quickly earned and received. It’s not necessary to have an actual money bag inside the home. Still, if you’re able to, it’s recommended that you use one made of brown or black cloth (preferably silk) because it will look more authentic and be believed as a powerful cure for attracting good fortune. However, placing a picture of a money bag in your home can also work just as well as long as you believe it will do its job.

4. Gold ingots – These are small gold bars that represent wealth. If you’ve got the space available inside your home, you can hang these on the walls or place them somewhere where they’ll be clearly visible.

5. A golden key – represents wealth in feng shui, which symbolizes opening up opportunities for financial success and growth. The best placement spot for this object inside your house would be at the center of your home, right above your front door. What’s great about using a golden key as an ornamental item is that it doubles as a very sturdy and durable hook for your keys to keep them organized and less likely to get lost. It also has lovely chi energy but looks more like a decorative piece than anything else, so it will blend quite nicely with other décor items in your room or office, giving off positive vibes.

6. Wealth scrolls – The use of a wealth scroll is another way to bring cheerful Chi into the household without having to go out and buy any additional items for your feng shui home improvement project. All you need is the money-drawing paper which can be used alongside or instead of other more expensive decorative items mentioned above. It’s cheap and available in most Chinese shops, so shopping for one is not a problem at all. If you’re interested, just ask around, and someone will indeed point you in their direction. I’ve found them here and there when I was flipping through some pamphlets from various Asian shops around town (in Makati).

7. Golden Cures – Small metal ornaments look like miniature bells. They have very positive chi energy, which is why they’re used as feng shui cures. The best thing about these ornamental items is that they double up as keychain holders and will help you keep your keys in an orderly fashion so you’ll never get lost or forget where to find them again.

8. “Fu” Symbols – Feng Shui masters recommend using at least one of these golden symbols inside your home, preferably placed on the Southwest portion of the bedroom (if it exists) because this sector helps amplify good vibes for wealth luck all over the house. If there’s no Southwest area insight, then just use it somewhere else where you think it looks friendly but still within the confines of your living space. It’s great that they’re small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can quickly move them to the right spots whenever you want.

9. The Bagua (also known as “Pa Kua”) – Another powerful feng shui cure for wealth is this symbol which represents all 8 wealth directions and should also be placed somewhere on its respective sector because it will help direct positive Chi towards these areas where most of us place our personal belongings like a computer, TV, books, etc. Be creative about placing one up if you don’t have any walls left uncovered, but it’s best to concentrate these symbols near the “money” areas of your home, such as behind the bed in the bedroom or on top of cabinets in the living room.

10. The 6-Rod Wind Chime – This is another Chinese symbol that helps bring wealth into the home and can be used either alone or with other traditional feng shui cures like the Pa Kua mentioned above.

11. Water Feature or Fountain – If you don’t want to place any of these decorative items inside your home, just use this cheaper alternative (and very powerful feng shui cure) instead. By having a water feature in the center of your house, you’ll attract much-needed wealth and prosperity, which will help improve your overall life situation (financially speaking). Also, don’t worry about cleaning it as often since there are fewer “treasures” to get rid of compared to those long-term feng shui cures that are supposed to remain in your home for at least a year. If you move, though, it’s okay to remove this wealth-attracting feature from your new home since it was only temporary anyway.

12. Money Trees – These trees symbolize good fortune and abundance, so they make great additions to any home, especially those situated in Northwest areas where the Chi is strong. You can use these alongside other traditional feng shui symbols mentioned above, such as the Pa Kua or 6-Rod Wind Chime (see numbers 10 and 11, respectively). What I like about this particular item is that the leaves of these money trees are also used as charms because they’re imbued with auspicious energies which protect one from bad luck (especially in the form of financial loss).

13. The Lo Pan Compass – Because this compass has a round shape, it is well-known for its ability to harness the powers of circular energy, which can then be used as a potent feng shui cure for wealth. You can place this on any desk or table so it’s within easy reach at all times, and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your keys again because they’re always visible when you open up the compass lid.

14. Water Urn – Since water is synonymous with money in Chinese lore, having an urn filled with flowing potable water inside your home will help attract more wealth into your life. Not only that, but since it symbolizes a full bank account, your financial standing will also improve in the process.

15. Gold Coins – In feng shui lore, gold coins symbolize prosperity and abundance while playing the role of a powerful defense mechanism against anything negative that might be flying around in your direction. Because they are made of metal, these golden tokens can help protect you from any bad chi that’s headed for your home, so it’s best to place them on all 4 sides of the Southwest sector (the most important area for wealth luck) as well as near any windows or other entries if possible.

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