Akita And Lab Mix


The Labrakita is a crossbreed between an Akita and lab mix. This hybrid dog has the best of both worlds with a loving temperament, loyalty, and intelligence from the Akita mixed with the high-energy personality of a labrador. When you combine these two popular dogs, you get one big bundle of energy! In terms of personality traits, your Labrakita may either inherit more intelligence from their Labrador parent or become just as stubborn as the Akita.

Meet the Akita Inu

The Akita is considered one of the world’s most ancient breeds, with a history dating back more than eight centuries. Akita dogs are well-known for being very protective of their family. However, these dogs are also known to be somewhat territorial and will bark a lot.
Akitas make excellent watchdogs because they’re very observant and will bark at anything that crosses their territory. Unfortunately, they are also known for being very aggressive towards strangers and other animals, which is why they’re not the best dog breed to have if you live in a small apartment with many people coming over or children who might want to go up and pet them.


Akitas are usually calm and well-mannered. Today they make great family pets for people with patience and time for training because their nature can be stubborn or independent. Akitas are strong-willed, brave, loyal, intelligent dogs that get along well with children when trained from puppyhood about how to play properly.

The Labrador Retriever

Labradors are well-known as family pets because they’re typically friendly and loving around all household members, including kids. They love attention so much that when it’s time for bed, they can’t understand why their family won’t play with them. Labradors shed a lot. It’s not just hair they lose, but dead skin cells, which can lead to allergies in people who are sensitive or allergic to dog dander. They’re also known for drooling, so if you have leather furnishings at home, you’ll want to keep them out of your Lab’s reach!

One reason why people often choose labradors is that they’re easy to train. In addition, these dogs typically respond well to basic commands, and they love humans.

Labradors are friendly, interactive, family dogs with a lot of energy!

Labradors are also known for their intelligence. They can be trained for work as a seeing-eye dog, police dog, hunting dog, or search and rescue dog. In addition, Labradors are generally considered an even-tempered breed that doesn’t bark excessively or chew up furniture.
Labradors are also friendly with children and other pets. They get along well with cats, rabbits, or livestock as long as they’ve been socialized appropriately. However, Labradors do tend to jump up on people at times, so early training is advised for these dogs because this can result in the dog knocking someone over accidentally.

Akita and Lab mix

The Akita and lab mix combines the natural traits of Akitas (intelligent, protective) and labs (playful, friendly). Labrakita dogs are intelligent animals that love their family members unconditionally; they also make great watchdogs because they’re observant and bark at anything that crosses their territory. Labradors typically get along well with kids (unless the dog was not socialized early on). They may even take care of your child by alerting you when it’s time for bed!
If they’re not given a chance to release their energy, Akita and lab mix dogs can become destructive around the house or in general. They also need a lot of time outside because they must spend some quality time away from people- especially children who could unintentionally hurt an Akita crossbred dog if he were to get too close (due to overexcitement).
Partially because they are medium-large breed dogs, Akita and Lab mixes require long exercise periods every day, or they will be destructive in the house, so be sure to provide them with at least a daily walk and a garden to play around. They need a lot of exercise but not necessarily because they’re hyperactive; it’s simply their natural energy level, and you can’t expect them to change that in any significant way. As an owner, it’s up to you to meet that need for physical activity, and Akita and Lab mixes will reward you for your efforts with lifelong loyalty.
Some Akita-lab crosses may shed a lot which isn’t always pleasant. Still, there are many ways to manage this problem: regular grooming sessions, vacuuming the carpet and furniture regularly, etc.

How much does an Akita and lab mix cost?

People often ask how much does Akita and lab mix cost? The price of an Akita and lab mix will vary depending upon factors like where you buy it from, whether you’re getting male or female, what generation hybrid (meaning if it’s one of the first generations), but generally speaking, prices range between $500-2000 dollars!

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