The English Bulldog in a Nutshell

The English Bulldog in a nutshell

The English Bulldog’s original purpose was to bait bulls and bears, but today it is kept mostly as an affectionate companion animal. Bulldogs are commonly referred to as “the clowns of the dog world” for their amusing personality traits.

They are very patient, affectionate, and love to be around people. Bulldogs do well in apartments because they don’t need a lot of exercise, though they should have daily walks. All bulldogs love to eat, so their diet must consist of quality food, including healthy snacks.


When it comes to the personality of English bulldogs, they are known as docile and friendly dogs. However, they have a stubbornness that is hard to forget. They like to whine when they want something and love giving cuddles and kisses. It is not uncommon for them to follow you around your home and seek approval from their owners.

English Bulldog lifespan

The English Bulldog lifespan is 7-10 years on average with proper care. However, some may live up to 15 years old if well taken care of by their owner. This breed has an expected weight range between 30 – 40 pounds, with females slightly smaller than males.

English Bulldog Coat

The coat of the English Bulldog is very short and fine, but it does shed a lot and is not considered Hypoallergenic. They need regular grooming sessions every 2 weeks to maintain their coat.


English bulldog temperament is not always the same. They are known to be stubborn at times, especially when it comes to training them. They can take a long time to housebreak and train. However, this breed does well with other pets in your home as long as they were raised with them. Exercise should be plentiful since they have short legs and may develop joint problems if not cared for properly.

Are English Bulldogs aggressive?

Generally, the English Bulldog is a family dog, and they are very friendly and love their owner’s company. That said, English Bulldogs are also known to be stubborn and strong-willed. They have an independent nature and sometimes appear aloof when they are simply in their own little world. However, with the proper training and consistency from owners, they make great companions for kids of all ages. 

Are they good with cats?

English bulldogs are good with cats if given proper socialization. However, English bulldogs, puppies, and adults need to be introduced slowly to cats in order for them to accept the felines. For example, introducing the dog with the cats in neutral territory, such as an unfamiliar room or area where neither animal feels territorial.

English Bulldogs can sometimes see other pets in their homes as rivals for their owner’s attention and affection. It is important that you make your dog understand plenty of love to go around.


The English Bulldog is a friendly, loyal companion that needs lots of attention and affection. If properly socialized and introduced in neutral territory, bullies can live with other animals. If you’re looking for an unusual breed to add to your family, the English Bulldog may be right for you!

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