Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple?


Can guinea pigs eat pineapple?

Guinea pigs can eat pineapple in small amounts, but the fruit is not recommended as part of their daily diet. This is because guinea pigs have intestinal problems that make it difficult to digest most fruits. Also, fruits contain large amounts of sugar, which is unhealthy for Guinea pigs.
Make sure to remove seeds and any other part of the fruit that might cause your Guinea pig to choke.


What’s a better treat for Guinea pigs?

Vegetables like peas, lettuce, carrots, and broccoli make for great treats for guinea pigs because they contain less sugar than fruits, making them easier to digest, and they’re closer to their natural diet.
The best food for guinea pigs would be hay. Hay is the main ingredient in their diet and can also help them grind down their teeth. Of course, fresh water must always be available as well.


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