Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mandarin?

Can guinea pigs eat mandarin?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat mandarin in moderation.

Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C but also lots of sugar, which is bad for guinea pigs. Therefore, it’s not recommended to feed your guinea pig any fruits as part of their daily diet because they’re high in sugar – a small piece of a mandarin once or twice a week won’t harm a healthy guinea pig.

Removing seeds is recommended, as they might lead to stomach problems.

Should you notice loose stool, stop feeding your guinea pig any fruit until the stool returns to normal.

Guinea pigs are curious critters who will take a try at just about anything within reach of their little noses, and trust me; they’ve probably tried almost everything! 

So there’s no reason that guinea pigs wouldn’t eat mandarins too.

Don’t forget, guinea pigs aren’t human and have no idea what they miss if you don’t spoil them with unhealthy treats. They love vegetables like carrots, peas, or kale, and it’s much healthier for them. In addition, a good diet contains unlimited high-quality hay and fresh water.

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