Can a Dog Eat White Bread?

Can a dog eat white bread?

Dogs can eat a small piece of white bread as a treat, but not all of them can digest it well. One or two small amounts won’t hurt the dog, but they should not eat white bread as part of their daily diet. It contains too much sugar and wheat that dogs cannot handle well.

Don’t feed unbaked yeasted bread dough.

Also, unbaked yeasted bread dough is poisonous for your dog (and for cats too) and may lead to death. Yeast that uses sugars in unbaked dough produces carbon dioxide gas and alcohol during the fermentation, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream causing alcohol poisoning.
Unbaked bread dough will expand in their stomach and result in a bloated or distended stomach. 

It can also cause twisting of the stomach. 

If you decide to feed your dog white bread and start vomiting after a few hours, then discontinue feeding.

White Bread Is Not Part Of Their Natural Diet

Dogs are carnivores and are used to handle foods that contain animal protein.
When they were wild, dogs (actually wolves) would hunt small animals for food. Unfortunately, white bread has little to no nutritional value for dogs, so it can develop diseases if it eats it every day or even every other day.

Dogs should never get anything that contains raisins or grapes. Raisins and grapes can be deadly for dogs because they cause kidney failure. So no raisin bread or foods with grapes should ever be given to a dog, not even as a treat.

Many dog owners know that it’s unhealthy for them to consume large amounts of carbohydrates. Dogs need fat and protein found in red meat to live healthy lives. So if you love your canine companion, then start feeding them less sugar and more meat!

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