Can a dog eat french fries?

So you have french fries for dinner, and you’re wondering if your dog can eat French fries. Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no. Dogs can eat french fries, but they’re very unhealthy.
Sometimes dogs will eat things their master is eating, and it’s up to you whether or not you want your dog eating french fries.

French Fries are bad for dogs because they contain a lot of salt, which may lead to high blood pressure, which may lead to kidney problems. Potatoes, in general, aren’t perfect for dogs either because they’re very starchy and can cause bloating if overeaten.

However, dogs can have a few French fries from time to time because they won’t do any harm. Just remember that you shouldn’t feed your dog too many french fries and always remember what food is good for dogs and what’s not.

If your dog gives you puppy eyes while you’re eating french fries, you could give him his regular dog food instead or some tasty dog treats. If you’re traveling, and you’re getting some french fries on the way, sharing a few with a healthy dog won’t do any harm.