This is why everyone loves the Brittany Spaniel dog!

The Brittany In A Nutshell

The Brittany dog, also called Brittany Spaniel, is a medium-sized working breed of dog that originated in the Brittany region of France. It was originally used for hunting and as a retriever, and today it is primarily used as a sporting dog. Although some consider it a type of spaniel, most experts do not think this is correct because spaniels have drop ears while Brittanys commonly have prick ears. 

The Brittney has an appearance that resembles several types of gun dogs, including setters and spaniels; its coat can come in either rough or smooth. The Brittany’s long tail curls towards its head, similar to the Cocker Spaniel but unlike most other breeds, which let their tails hang straight down when at rest or moving slowly.

The breed is very energetic, happy, and loves to run. It gets along well with others, including children, and usually becomes quite attached to its owner. However, some Brittanys can be aggressive towards other dogs, so they must be socialized at an early age around other animals. This breed can adapt to any environment where it is given time outdoors for exercise, but the Brittany tends to do best when it lives inside with its family rather than being confined outside alone. 

As with all breeds of a dog, when left alone for long periods, a Brittany will become anxious or destructive and may even develop a separation anxiety disorder.

How big does a Brittany spaniel get?

Brittany spaniels are medium-sized dogs, measuring between 14-17 inches in height at the withers. They weigh anywhere from 25 to 50 pounds depending on gender and genetics.

Does a Brittany spaniel shed much?

Brittany’s coat is considered to be a medium shedder, with one or two brushing sessions needed per week. A dog’s shedding level varies depending on the individual dog and many other factors, including gender, age, diet, and health. Adult dogs are more prone to hair fall out during seasonal changes than puppies.

They are not considered hypoallergenic.


Brittany Spaniels are quite active indoors and need at least 30 mins of daily exercise (walks or playing in the park could fulfill this requirement). It is not recommended to live in an apartment for long periods due to its energy needs. This breed can adapt quickly to any environment, given time outdoors for exercise. Still, the Brittany tends to do best when it lives inside with its family rather than being confined outside alone.

Brittanys tend to get along well with other dogs and pets in general, especially if they’re raised together, but early socialization is a must to avoid any potential issues. Some can be aggressive towards other dogs, but this is more common in males than females. When raised from puppyhood as part of the pack (family), Brittanys are excellent dogs for children, even large groups.

Brittanys can be trained to do anything with the proper training, whether it is agility competition or hunting. Brittanys excel at two very different things: retrieving and pointing games. Both of which are done with enthusiasm! So it’s essential to know your goals before acquiring one of these handsome dogs, so you have an idea of where you want your dog to head when you’re involved in training them.
A Brittany dog is a highly energetic breed and needs lots of exercises to remain happy and healthy. A long daily walk is ideal, along with regular playtime indoors or out, agility training if possible, or even running alongside a bicycle.

Brittanys tend to be very active indoors, so it’s essential not only to walk them but also provide toys they can chew on and things like tennis balls which they can retrieve back and forth between each other (or their owner) before going back inside again.


The typical lifespan for a Brittany dog is around 12-15 years.

Are Brittany spaniels good with cats?


Brittany Spaniels can get along with cats but were bred to flush and retrieve game and thus have strong instincts to chase small mammals like cats.

However, the two animals can live together if you take some essential precautions to ensure both pets’ safety, especially cats.

How to make dogs and cats get along?

Brittany Spaniels can live with cats if you introduce them gradually. 

One option is to let Brittany Spaniels and cats meet and interact on neutral territory, like your backyard. This gives both pets time to adjust. Brittany Spaniels are usually friendly toward people, but some may be suspicious and wary around pets until they get used to them. Likewise, if the dogs aren’t used as family pets, they could also react aggressively because they might not know that it’s okay for the cat to be in your home.

Another approach is to start slow by letting your Brittany Spaniel see a cat through a door first, then allowing the two pets to interact in a contained area like a small room. Then, when Brittany Spaniel and cat are used to each other, you can let them roam around your house together.

Brittany Dog Personality

The Brittany Dog is a beautiful companion for people who enjoy working with dogs and spending time outdoors, but this breed is not for everyone.
Brittany Dogs are energetic, active, alert, distractible, and affectionate. They love the outdoors as much as you do and will want to run alongside you when you jog or bike. This breed is exceptionally eager to please; in fact, they thrive on attention – which is an excellent trait if you plan to train them for hunting or other competitive sports.

The downside of all that energy and desire for people’s attention? Brittany Dogs tend to be strong-willed and stubborn. You’ll need to create a structured training schedule for this breed if you want it to listen without a fuss, but that’s not hard with its eagerness to please. A Brittany Dog’s intelligence helps make up for any lack of obedience; these dogs can learn quickly when adequately trained. However, they are easily distracted by sights and sounds in their environment, so repetitive commands will benefit your dog the most, especially while hunting.

Although highly affectionate toward people and an excellent companion dog who loves children, this particular breed doesn’t always get along well with other animals – especially cats or small dogs (including other Brittanys).

However, if you have the time and patience for this high-maintenance type of dog, then your reward will be the love of your life.

Brittany Dogs Make Good Family Pets

The Brittany Dog makes an affectionate and loving family pet for owners who enjoy spending time outdoors, also as a hunting companion.
Brittanys make great family pets all around and love children. They are pleased and energetic dogs that will bring happiness into your home. So whether you want a dog to hunt with or have a great family dog, a Brittany might be a perfect choice for you!


Brittany Spaniels are active, friendly, and affectionate dogs that make great family pets. They’re happy to have fun with the kids, play a good game of fetch in the backyard or accompany you on your morning jog without being overly demanding.

As hunting dogs, Brittany Spaniels are highly intelligent but easily distracted by sounds and sights in their environment, making training challenging at times but still possible when setting up an encouraging reward system for positive behavior.

Although very friendly toward people, this breed does not always get along with other animals like cats. So before adopting one, make sure you can provide enough attention and exercise time outside.

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