This is why Border Collies rock!

Border Collie, the dog for any sportsman. Border collies are very intelligent and athletic dogs that originally came from the border region between England and Scotland. The breed is well known because of its ability to herd livestock on a farm and serve as an excellent companion dog due to its high level of intelligence. They’re the brightest dog breed based on “The Intelligence of Dogs“. And, of course, they had a lead role in several movies.

Today the most common use of the breed is in the world of competitive dog shows, where it is valued for being all-around talented at many different exercises, but especially athletics and agility.

The border collie is widely used as a working dog used for herding livestock, and even today, many of these dogs work on farms or ranches. However, it is also very common for them to serve as family dogs who share their masters’ homes with them. They often like to accompany their owners when they go outdoor activities such as walking, biking, or running.

Because Border Collies are so active, they must get enough exercise each day, especially if you want your pet to be calm during nighttime. They are pretty energetic, which means that walks and runs need to be done every day, preferably twice a day, since these dogs enjoy spending time outdoors.

Border Collies are very versatile and active dogs, thanks to their high levels of intelligence. They’re probably the smartest of all dog breeds and capable of learning different tricks as well as being responsive to their master’s voice or whistle commands. In addition, they’re known to be very friendly towards children, which makes them an excellent candidate for a pet for a family with kids.

Although you must teach your child not to treat the dog like a toy, these dogs require special attention to have a balanced life.


The average lifespan of a border collie is between 12 and 15 years. Border collies are, in general, a healthy breed but known to develop specific health problems, such as skin allergies and hip dysplasia.

Border Collie And Barking

Border collies are incredibly vocal dogs, and they’re known for barking, which can be pretty problematic if you live in a neighborhood where noise is an issue. You should try to teach your dog not to bark too much by practicing daily discipline and implementing rules for when it’s appropriate to bark.

Can you keep a Border collie in an apartment?

Better not. Even though they may be suitable for a small house, border collies need to get their daily physical exercise. They are known to bark quite often and are full of energy. Therefore, a house with a garden and forest nearby is much better suited for a border collie.

Border Collie Shedding

There’s no doubt that every single dog breed sheds, but border collies shed quite frequently, which is why it’s essential that before considering adopting one, you prepare yourself for some heavy-duty cleaning.

How to groom border collie?

Border collies have double coats, which means their fur is quite thick. To keep your dog healthy and clean, you must brush it at least twice a week. Because of the nature of the breed’s fur, brushing should be done regularly to prevent tangling or matting.

Bathing should only happen when necessary.

Every pet owner should follow all dog-specific hygiene protocols such as brushing their teeth, cleaning ears now and then, and keeping nails trimmed short so they don’t hurt themselves, even though border collies don’t require too much grooming.

Is it difficult to train Border Collie?

Training a border collie shouldn’t be too difficult since these dogs are incredibly intelligent and capable of learning various tricks and commands. The only thing you need to be careful about is that border collies tend to get bored, quickly which means you should be creative in how you train them.

Since these dogs can become stressed if training becomes too repetitious, it’s important that you do something new or touch on an old trick but use different methods for the dog not to get bored. If your border collie gets frustrated, it will likely translate into unwanted behavior such as chewing furniture, digging holes outdoors, or barking nonstop. These dogs require special attention because they have very sensitive personalities, even though they’re considered one of the world’s most intelligent dog breeds.

Border Collie and energy levels

Even though border collies are relatively quiet dogs, they’re known for being energetic, which means you should provide them with their daily exercise routine. We shouldn’t forget that these dogs have been bred to be herding dogs, and as such, they tend to enjoy spending time outdoors but make sure that yard is always fenced so your dog can’t run off somewhere it shouldn’t.

If you live in a neighborhood where there’s no space for an open yard or forest nearby, then you might consider walking your dog three times a day for them not to become bored of indoor training or chewing on furniture.

We must understand the nature of a border collie so we know how to handle them properly since these dogs can become very frustrated if they’re not given their daily fix of exercise and entertainment.

How many walks does a border collie need?

The more, the better! One hour of exercise twice a day should be enough for these dogs since they’re very energetic and need a lot of physical activity every day.

Border collies have been bred to herd sheep, which means that if they don’t get enough exercise, they can become destructive, annoying, and even depressed, just like any other dog would if left alone in the same situation. So make sure that your border collie gets its daily dose of exercise, or it will likely end up misbehaving.

Border Collie Wall Art

Border collies are amazing dogs that need attention to be happy and fulfilled. Border collies are intelligent, sensitive, and highly energetic, which means their owners should provide them with plenty of exercise and training. The only thing you need to be careful about is that border collies can become very stressed and destructive if they’re given too much pressure: these dogs are highly sensitive and need special attention.

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