Border Collie And Lab Mix - The Borador

Border Collie And Lab Mix – The Borador

A border collie and lab mix is called a Borador – which already sounds pretty awesome! But if an awesome breed name isn’t enough for you to consider getting one of these dogs, keep on reading!

What Do The Parent Dogs Look Like?

Both dogs can look quite different depending on their parents. Border collie parents can be black, white, and brown. Labrador parent dogs are mostly black with yellow parts, but some can come up to all black or dark/light-colored variations.

What Is The Parent Dog Personality Like?

The border collie parent dog is energetic and doesn’t like to sit still for too long. These small dogs have plenty of stamina, making them perfect for herding other animals such as sheep and cattle. They’re not the best lap dog due to their energy level, but they are a favorite among families due to their easygoing personality around children. Labradors are friendly, playful, and naturally calm, so this mix will most likely inherit that friendliness. An active family would love these pups around as they’re always ready to lead the way on a hike or trip for ice cream.

What Is The Border Collie/Labrador Mix Personality Like?

The personality of this mix will depend heavily on how much time is spent with them and how much exercise they get throughout the day. Border collies are highly energetic, while labs are known to be very calm, so unless both parents are bred over a long period, it’s hard to predict what your pup will inherit from each parent. What we do know, though, is that this mix could make an excellent family pet for most loving families as they’re sure to have tons of energy (border collie) and patience (labrador). A good walk at least twice per day should keep these pups happy and healthy. Most people choose to adopt high-energy dogs because they’re the most active out of all dog breeds but having a hyperactive puppy can be difficult for some families. Therefore, it’s best to make sure you’re willing to commit plenty of time each week if you’ve adopted one of these mixed breed pups.

What Is The Size Of This Dog?

A typical border collie/labrador mix should grow up into an average-sized adult dog, depending on the size of both parents. Border collies typically range from 12-20 inches in height, while labs usually tip the scales at around 22-28 inches in height. Some pups may end up smaller or larger depending on how much breeding was done and how the pups were raised.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of This Mixed Breed?

This mix should live a long, healthy life of 12-15 years if properly taken care of by their new owners. Taking your pup to the vet for yearly checkups is an excellent way to keep them in tip-top shape, which can help prevent sickness.

What Are Common Health Issues For A Border Collie Lab Mix?

We’ve never heard of any adverse health issues associated with this mixed breed. Still, it’s important not to focus on just one health problem when choosing from so many happy pets waiting for adoption at your local shelter. Picking out a pet based on just one piece of information, such as “he has red eyes,” may not be the best choice for you or your family.

Exercise And Temperament

If you’re looking for a dog that loves to play and makes a great companion, the border collie lab mix is perfect because they love their owners so much. These little furballs can be playful and energetic depending on which parent sired them, so it’s important to know what your pup’s parentage is when deciding whether or not to adopt one as a pet. While these mixed breeds don’t require too much exercise each day, they’re still dogs at heart which means they’ll need time outside of their kennels to run around in a safe area like most other types of dogs would prefer as well!

High Energy Levels And Lots Of Exercises Required

Because this hybrid requires more exercise than small poochies, high energy levels aren’t a problem because they’ll happily spend hours outside of their kennel each day. It’s best to play with them regularly, so they don’t get bored in the future, which makes this type of dog perfect for active families and people who want dogs that are easy to train and have fun playing with outside. 

Owners should be sure not to over-exert these mixed breeds too often as high energy is, average, but it can still lead to health problems like bloat, overheating, and other issues if owners fail to listen carefully to their pet!

While border collie lab mix puppies might look like regular puppies at first, their new owners need to understand how much work is required when adopting one of these precious pups from a shelter. Some owners will prefer to bring home a border collie lab mix even without knowing the breed beforehand. While that’s fine, we suggest researching the subject before adopting one (or more!) of these pups. 

How To Care For And Raise A Border Collie Lab Mix Puppy

If you’re interested in bringing home a puppy to raise as your own but want one with a unique coat, consider adopting this mixed breed from a local shelter. Unlike other breeds where there are multiple puppies available during the breeding season, it can be hard to find these hybrids inside shelters, so be sure to look around as soon as possible for an ideal match like the one mentioned above! You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one of these puppies in some parts of the country but if you live somewhere like Florida, aim to adopt during the spring and summer when breeding season is active!

While border collie lab mix owners will find it easy to care for these dogs, there are still a few common concerns people have about them that we’ll address here. First, some dog owners worry about the size their pup will be as adults because they’re not sure whether or not labrador retrievers tend to be bigger than border collies. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem because both parents are “medium” sized breeds which means your pet could end up being tall but won’t grow too large to handle at home. This mixed breed is also hypoallergenic, so no one in your family will have allergic reactions when this pup is around, and it’s also known for its athletic abilities, so you might want to consider entering it into a dog show someday if you ever get bored of having it as a pet at home!


The Borador has the long-haired coat, laidback personality, and athletic ability of the Border collie. The soft fur and easygoing nature come from the Labrador retriever parentage. The result is a fun-loving pet that lives in harmony with its family.

Not all Border Collie Lab Mix puppies look like their parents one hundred percent, though, nor do they act exactly like them. The Border Collie Lab Mix is known to be a very friendly and energetic type of dog that can normally get along with just about anybody.

These dogs are highly intelligent and independent. However, they are also known for being very cautious, which is a trait that was likely passed down from the Border Collie family. This makes it almost impossible to break their personality in any way or make them more susceptible to people they do not trust.

They are usually considered medium-sized dogs and can easily grow between fifty-five and sixty pounds as adults, but this depends on the parents they were bred with since size varies per breed.
Another good thing about this mix is how playful and energetic they tend to be, no matter what size they grow up into. They love to spend time outside, preferably running free in an open area where it can burn off some of their energy without getting into too much trouble. These dogs would make great companions for outdoor athletes such as hikers or bikers because they love to stay active. Border Collie Lab Mixes usually are very loving, loyal, and protective of their owners.

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