73 Halloween Names For Cats


73 Halloween Names For Cats

Halloween is a time of excitement for children and adults. Kids are eagerly awaiting to go trick or treating, carving pumpkins, drinking hot chocolate, and wearing all sorts of crazy outfits. The adults might be thinking about how to decorate their houses, cook a delicious dinner, and bake treats for the little ones while watching spooky movies.

And if you have cats in your house on Halloween, you should make them feel involved too! After all, they deserve some fun, especially since they will help control the mice population in your house during the holidays. Therefore call them by some funny names that fit with the spirit of Halloween, such as Black Catty, or what other names come to your mind?

Here are 73 Halloween names for cats I could come up with if you want to name your new kitten.

I have included traditional but also modern and creative ideas for your kitties.

Make it a great time this year for you, your kitty!

Let’s go!

Abegail– ghostly and elegant.

Abraxas – ruler of the underworld.

Amara: The meaning of this cat name is “immortal,” which makes it entirely appropriate for Halloween.

Archibald – a great Halloween name for your large cat because he looks hairy but is very soft-hearted; he’s also friendly, sweet, and kind.

Asmodeus – devil king. Scary!

Azrael – another angel name by which you can call your tomcat.

Basilisk – an evil serpent that can turn people to stone.

Bat – Bats are one of the most mythical creatures throughout the world. And they are associated with Halloween, fall, and darkness!

Beelzebub – lord of demons Belial and Apollyon are two names belonging to the same Demon.
Blacky – a traditional Halloween name for black cats; it also has the meaning of darkness and night, so it’s the perfect match!

Boo-Boo – Cute name for a more tame cat in appearance

Bracken– this is an unusual cat name because Bracken is actually a type of fern. This type of cat name can also represent the fall season, which is one of my favorite. It’s easy to see why you should consider giving this type of cat name to your cat if he likes hiding among plants. 

Bram is the name of an ancient Celtic deity who is considered a god of life and death.

Breakspear: this cat name is derived from the famous Roman family called Breakspear.

Bubba or Boo – I used to think that these pet names were more appropriate for dogs, but then I heard them so many times in relation to cats and kittens! 🙂

Carnivean– It’s a Persian demon of death with one thousand heads. He had power over all diseases, and he was immune to weapons.

Casper – a traditional ghost name that makes a spooky Halloween name choice for cats.

Charon – The Divine Ferryman of Hades; who would take souls across Acheron River into Hades.

Cerberus – The three-headed dog that guards the underworld.

Chupacabra – Most of you probably believe that it’s a creature from Mexico, but this weird animal was first seen in Puerto Rico in 1995; its origin remains unknown to date. That’s why it makes a great Halloween cat name, don’t you think?

Clawdius – Claws are a symbol of Halloween; plus, this name sounds like something fierce and scary.

Crunchie – A cute and cuddly name for your sweet pussycat.

Crowley: this cat’s name has been taken from Aleister Crowley, a famous occultist.

He was well known for his teachings and beliefs related to magical practices. So he’s definitely not one of the cats you should take into your home if you have children!

Dagon: Dagon is a deity described as a fish god like the Greek Oannes.

Demon – If your feline friend makes you feel uncomfortable, you may want to give them the name Demon.

Dionysus: another deity from Greek mythology is Dionysus, worshiped as the God of wine. Though cats don’t need alcohol too much, I’m sure they’d appreciate your attention when you pour some on their plates.

Dracula – Maybe one of the best Halloween-related names for cats. And I bet you have lost one or two blood drops because of your feline vampire!

Devil – Trust me, people will find it hard to ignore your pet once you’ve given her this name!

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde – Those are perfect Halloween names if you have two cats!

Erebus – he’s the ruler of the underworld.

Fenrir – is a name for cats who have cold and dark souls, just like a Fjord in Norway. I think it fits your cat perfectly if he has jet black hair because fjords (like your cat) can be very gloomy!

Feral: this word became more popular during Halloween when people dressed like savage creatures. It makes a perfect Halloween name for kittens because they are pretty wild sometimes. 

Frankenstein, Franken Kitty, Frankencat – If your kitty is a little monster, give her a name inspired by one of the most notorious and famous monsters in fiction! And yes, I know, Frankenstein was the Scientist, not his monster, but come on! This is one of my favorite Halloween-related names for cats.

Gachette – It’s an old French term that means Trigger. This type of cat name will fit his personality quite well, do you agree?

Ghost – if your kitten loves to hide behind the sheets.

Golem – It was a creature in Jewish folklore that was made out of clay and brought to life through magical means. Golem is a great Halloween cat name.

Grim Reaper, or just Reaper – I think you already know the name of this famous dude.

Grimalkin or Grim – is actually an English word used to describe someone who looks evil and scary; on the other hand, it’s also a cat name!

Hades: The king of all gods in mythology, Hades rules over the underworld. If you want to give your pet a Halloween-related name, then this one will be perfect for her. I’m sure she won’t be happy if you start dressing up as the God of the underworld. 😉

Hecate – a goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, and ghosts.

Krampus is an annoying demon during processions held on Christmas Eve. Do not take him home if you plan to have a Christmas party; you’ll definitely regret it. It’s better to give your pet this type of cat name if he gets irritated when people around him start laughing loudly or talking too much. 

Hekate – a goddess associated with witchcraft.

Hannibal – It was the name of a famous Carthaginian military commander; the name has become famous for a movie about a serial killer.

Jack – As in Jack O’ Lantern.

Kerberos – another dog from Greek mythology and a nasty guard dog at that; I’m sure your kitty will appreciate this pet name.

Lich – from Slavic mythology, it’s a type of villain or evil sorcerer who has magical powers.

Lamia – this female creature had three heads and snakes instead of hair; not the cutest Halloween cat name, I would say… but why not? The more unusual, the better!

Lucifer – a former Angel who was cast out of heaven and became the devil.

Mastema – this evil Demon from Hebrew mythology is an enemy of God and humanity. If your kitty doesn’t like to be around people (and pets), this might be a good pet name.

Mictlantecuhtli – he’s the lord of the underworld in Aztec mythology. I just put it on the list because I knew you would have fun trying to pronounce it.

Nebiros– another demon from Greek mythology whose appearance will make you scream in front of your computer screen… this creature does look quite scary, after all.

Nybbas– this Demon in the bible and mythology was known as a mischief-maker who played jokes on people every chance he got. I think it’s a perfect Halloween cat name for kitties that like to make fun of their owners (you).

Ouija – how can we forget about Ouija boards? They were used by some people to contact dead spirits; give your pet this unusual name if you feel like he might be one of those spirits!

Pandora: According to Greek mythology, Pandora has been given a box that contains all the world’s evils. This Halloween cat name should be perfect for your kitty because everyone knows cats are very naughty and have tons of energy!

Peri – Persian mythology has its flock of beautiful fairies, but Peri was a very naughty one… do you think your kitty will appreciate this unusual pet name?

Phantasma – now here’s a Halloween cat name with a twist! It comes from the Latin word phantasma, which means illusion. Your cat might like it because she’ll be able to make people believe that she’s talking to someone on the other side of the screen. 

Pixie – these tiny creatures from English folklore are said to be playful and mischievous; your cat might also think she’s a pixie.

Pumpkin – associated with Halloween.

Rakshas or Rakshasas, is a type of Demon known for being very scary. It could also be a perfect Halloween cat name for your kitty because everyone knows cats are scared of spiders.

Scarecrow – self-explanatory! Perfect for bird chasing felines.

Shax – He’s a giant bird in Greek mythology who Zeus sent to help him defeat Typhon.

Shadow – Another great name for cats who like to hide in dark corners of your house or room.

Silky: This cute Halloween cat name is inspired by the beautiful Chinese legend about the Silkies… it’s an excellent choice for female felines only, though!

Sparky – A typical Halloween name, Sparky, is the most playful cat who likes to chase and play with things that light them up.

Spooky – If your cat is overly protective, this is a good one to give them. However, if he jumps at every shadow in the room, try “Boo” or “Boo Boo” instead.

Vampire – For a feline that loves sucking blood!

Villain – I’m sure your kitty will make a great villain this Halloween.

Werewolf – This is another popular character that everyone knows about. Choose from our page of werewolf clothing online and begin the transformation today! Comment below with other ideas for pets out there, and good luck with your costume next year!

Witch – I’m sure your kitty can be quite a witch sometimes. It’s the perfect Halloween cat name for cats who like to chase their owners or scare other animals.

Xibalba – we’ve got another creature from Indian mythology on our list… this one’s not too scary, though. It looks like a mouse with a beak and bird legs… a little bit cute even!

Zombie – what? Have you never heard about Zombies before? You must have been living under a rock; this pet name might be perfect for your cat if you think she’s dead behind the eyes (haha).

Zylphia – this wicked female Demon comes from Hebrew mythology. She was known as a seducer of men… I think it would be great for cats who are constantly flirting with other felines while their owners are away.

That’s it! That’s all I came up with!

I hope you had fun reading about these fancy Halloween names for cats! Don’t forget to share them with people who love pets and spooky stories! 

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Happy Halloween, everyone!