57 Male Dog Names For Huskies

57 Male Dog Names For Huskies

You are your dog’s best friend, so why not choose a name that reflects just how close you two really are? We’ve got a great list of 57 male dog names for huskies that will give your boy the perfect start he deserves.

Whether you’re coming home with a new puppy or adult dog, or your current dog just had a litter of puppies, choosing the right name for a new dog can be difficult.

Obviously, you want your boy to have a name that is unique, original, and most importantly, that really fits your new friend.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

Here’s our list with 57 names for a male Husky:

Adonis – This bright and classic name is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Volterra – For the dog who always wants everyone’s attention.

Arlo – This name is a Scottish variation of the French word for noble.

Augustus – Able to be relied upon, this name is perfect for a quiet boy.

Ajax – The mighty warrior hero who helped Ulysses Penelope and Telemachus overcome the suitors of their household and restore order.

Alfred – This name means “wise and strong,” making it the perfect choice for your intelligent pup.
Alpha – The perfect fit for a leader amongst boys.

Bailey – The given name for a man who serves as a gatekeeper; typically, employed at the entrance to an estate or farm and ultimately derived from the Old English word bagga meaning “bailiff.” A great choice if you are looking to get your dog in high spirits!

Bear – This name originates from the Latin word “Ursus”, meaning “bear,” which was later adapted into different languages, although scholars have heavily debated upon the same root of its etymology. Also, this would be appropriate for dogs with thick fur!

Benjamin- Although there’s no solid evidence on how this one originated (after all, it could have come up any time within the last 3000 years), it’s worth noting that this is a Hebrew name meaning either “son of the south” or “son of my old age.” Considered one of the Bible’s names, Benjamin was also given by Rachel to her son to honor her dead husband, Jacob.

Chester – An English and Scottish surname particularly traced back to Quintinius Severus who was a Roman commander during conquest of Britain. The name Chester has been adapted into several other languages with slight modifications, such as German (“Kester”) and Dutch (“Keester”). So if you are feeling patriotic, why not try Chester for your dog?

Clyde – A Scottish word derived from the Gaelic word cliad, meaning “from the valley” with the same root of River Clyde. This is an attractive choice for male dog names for your Husky if you’re planning on naming your next pet after the river!

Fletcher – Derived from Old English words fleccra meaning “arrow shafts and/or arrow maker.” It’s also a given name thought to be derived from either Flemish or French word flèche, which means “arrow,” or possibly even Scandinavian origin from Fleet-foot.

Harlequin – Perfect for a male husky with a unique, checkered coat. (Or for every other husky if you love the name as much as I do – I may even name my child like this!) Here’s a personal note: I gave this name to one of my ferrets.

Hercules – The name of the Roman mythological hero who was originally a Greek demigod. Although exceedingly strong, Hercules’ most significant weakness was his uncontrollable anger. 

Indiana – This name suits your adventurous pup who loves to go exploring.

Jasper – A gemstone typically red or green in color that is responsible for providing added strength when carried on one’s person or close-by at all times. In fact, many cultures even praise its power of protection from evil spirits and witchcraft. Now, how cool is that?

Jack – A wonderful name for a boy who is always happy.

Kane – Derived from either Irish or Scottish word Cian meaning “ancient.” A good choice for your sophisticated pup!

Leo – Also derived from the Latin word Leo meaning “lion”, this would be a smart choice if you’re looking for something simple and descriptive of your strong dog.

Max – A short form of Maximilian and Maxine, this name means “greatest” in Latin.

Maverick – A word used to refer to an unbranded calf, especially those who are only days old. This was commonly used as a derogatory term during the American Frontier by fellow cattle ranchmen. Still, it eventually became enshr with independent thought and action contrary to that of your adorable husky!

Oliver- A play on the owner’s voice (or maybe a shout out to the infamous comic strip character) that is derived from Germanic elements meaning “elf power” and having its origins from OHG words ūlfs and beraht meaning “power.”

Orson – A German name (derived from the OHG word ōrso meaning “bear cub”) with its many translations to English, including: Oswald, Osmond, Osgood, and Ozias, among others. This is an excellent choice for male dog names if you want your pet to be associated with nobility!

Rocky– Not just a movie but an actual rock; typically made up of quartz which was derived from Middle English words rocche (“rock”) and ey/eyck (“island”)! This is another excellent choice for male dog names if you want your pet to sound tough!

Santana – A Spanish name meaning “Saint Anthony”– Saint Anthony is a saint often prayed to specifically for finding lost items such as keys or cell phones. Also known by several other nicknames, including Tony, Antonius, Antonio, and Antone.

Sonny – The aptly-named nickname of Sohn (meaning “son” in German).

Tyson – Derived from the French word “tison” (“piece of burning wood”.) Tyson is also a name used as an alternate spelling for Tyron, Tyrone, and Tyree. Roman mythology can be associated with its starting letters “TYR.” It’s also one of England’s most popular male dog names!

Tyros – Greek origin (meaning “young warrior”) taken after Roman Mythology. A good choice for a small, male-husky.

Ulysses – The Roman form of Greek Oulixes (“man of wiles” or “crafty man), which is famously known in Homer’s epic poem Odyssey meaning “Wanderer” after successfully completing an odyssey through 20 years worth of trials on his journey home. This would make it one excellent choice for male dog names if you are fond of antique stories!

Wolfgang – A Germanic name derived from the elements “wolf” and “gang” (meaning “goes”) initially used to describe a person who is thought of as being particularly strong. Names with similar meanings include Wolfgang, Wolfie, Wolffie, and Wolfgangus. This would make it one excellent choice for male dog names if you are fond of antique stories!

Yoshi – Japanese origin (meaning good luck) has several translations to English, including Yoshiaki (“successful”).

Xanthus – A male horse with yellow coat color. This name was used to describe the golden horse of Greek mythology that was used to pull the chariot of King Helios.

Zeus – The greek version of Roman Jupiter meaning “The Protector” or “The Shining One.” Zeus was one such god who resided on Mount Olympus and ruled the rest of all gods in what was known as the Pantheon. Perhaps this would make it one great choice for male dog names if you are fond of antique stories!

Maximus – Latin for “the greater” or “he who is greatest.” This name has a lot of potentials, especially if you would like something distinctive and defined.

Hercules – Latin origin meaning “Glory of Hera.” The character Heracles was said to be the person with the greatest strength of all the heroes in Greek mythology.

Hobbes – Middle English word meaning “Fame” primarily used to describe a famous person.

Raptor – A Spanish word meaning “bird of prey.” This name is used to describe any carnivorous dinosaur or flying prehistoric animal.

Dino – Like a dinosaur!

Rudolph – Name of a famous red-nosed reindeer.

Blitzen – A name of a famous reindeer.

Dasher – Another famous reindeer.

Vixen – also a reindeer.

Comet – A Reindeer as well.

Cupid – The god of love. And one of Santa’s reindeer.

Donner – Meaning Thunder, aaaand one of Santa’s reindeer.

Rascal – English word for scamp or rogue.

Rumble – An English word meaning “to shake, move or stir”. If you choose this name for your dog.

Shadow – A black dog that is often associated with night.

Stormy – Perfect for male huskies who cause a storm in your heart.

Thor – Norse origin and the name of the god of Thunder.

Azrael – Angel that is associated with death.

Orpheus – Name of a famous Greek poet.

Ramses – Name of the most powerful Egyptian king.

Loki – A Norse god of mischief and chaos.

Seraphim – The highest order of angels in the Christian writings.

Gargoyle – One of the most famous statues on medieval cathedrals or buildings.

Hopefully, this list has been helpful to you! 

There are many good dog names for a male husky out there, but the best ones are always somehow related to the dog (behavior or appearance) or his owner. 

For example, if you love Christmas, Rudolph or some of the other Reindeer names might be excellent for your dog. On the other hand, Hercules might be perfect if your dog is strong and dominant.

 Shadow if he likes to hide and Zeus if he’s an avid fan of roman mythology.

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