51 Husky Names For A Girl

51 Husky Names For A Girl

So. Did you get a new husky? First of all, congratulations! These dogs are a joy to be around, and it’s a privilege for you to have one as your pet. But here’s the question that I know is going through your mind right now: What should we call her? Searching for a name can be so stressful if you don’t really know where to start, but don’t worry – we’ve done the work for you! Here’s our list of 51 Husky Names for a girl!

Our favorite Husky names for a girl:

Ermine! That’s the first name on our list, because well, we love ermines. It’s also a name that sounds wild, cute, and like mischief. But worry not, here are over 50 mustelid free names for you.

Anya – Russian for “Graceful”.

Arctic – meaning of the word is very close to a husky.

Bella – Fora beautiful dog.

Bear – For a big strong girl.

Bessie – We like Bessie because it’s an old English name, and it holds a special place in our hearts since we are English speakers.

Blythe – It means “cheerful.” Very suitable for a dog.

Bodil– Scandinavian and Swedish name that comes from the old Norse “Bóthildr” (remedy)” and “hildr” (battle).

Chateau – French name meaning “Castle.”

Chloe – The word’s meaning is “young green shoot or bud, also a young child.”

Daisy – For a cute and beautiful dog.

Darla – Comes from darling.

Ella – means “beautiful, lovely.”

Ember – This is an excellent name for any husky girl.

Esme – Esme is one of our favorite names. It’s a Spanish name meaning “to wish.”

Elmyra – Latin for “Protector.” We chose this name because of huskies’ devotion towards their family.

Empire – Meaning of the word is “a power or dominion exerted over peoples and countries.”

Aurora – Latin for “Dawn.”

Eiko – Japanese means “happiness.”

Follow – Means mischievous in French.

Jade – A hard stone used for ornaments.

Kiara – An excellent name for a Siberian husky. It is a Hawaiian name that means “intelligent.”

Kaya – Also a Hawaiian name meaning “native land” or “home country.”

Gaela – Gaelic for “Woman Warrior.” We chose this name because of the strong will and character that huskies have.

Nova – A supernova is a star that suddenly increases in brightness. This name is excellent for a husky girl with a super energetic personality.

Madonna – In the Christian religion, it means “the Mother of the Messiah.”

Ginny – The meaning of the word is “Daughter of Grace.”

Hadley – The reason why we chose this name is that it’s an old English name meaning “meadow with a hedge in the middle or enclosed by hedges on all sides,” which suits huskies since they are considered to be better trained than other dogs (they can run faster and for longer distances).

Halo – Meaning of the word is “a ring or disk of luminous gas, fire or other material encircling a planet, star, etc.”. It is also used as a name to describe an aura around someone’s head.

Lavinia – Latin name meaning “the violet flower.”

Midnight – The word’s meaning is “the darkest or blackest hour of the night.”

Nunu – African American slang name meaning “Little Girl” or “Baby Girl.”

Odette – This is a French form of the name Odile which means “elf or magical being, enchantment.

Opal – The word’s meaning is “A semi-precious stone, opaque to translucent, with all the colors of the spectrum in microscopic inclusions.” We chose this name because they are considered precious by many people.

Penelope – Latin name meaning “weaver.” In Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, and she was famed for her fidelity.

Regina – Latin name meaning “queen.”

Rose – The word’s meaning is a flower, the perfect name for a Siberian husky girl.

Phoebe – The meaning of the word is “Bright Messenger” or “Bringer of Light.” It was taken from Greek mythology, where Phoebe was a Titaness who became the attendant to Hera (goddess).

Rayleigh – English name meaning ” bright clearing” or “understanding.”

Ruby – Name of a gemstone. Meaning is “deep red gemstone.”

Spirit – What huskies are known for: their fighting spirit.

Stella – Latin name meaning “Star,” and the name of a group of constellations in the northern sky, is also one of the constellation’s brightest stars.

Sophie – French name meaning “Wisdom” or “Wise”.

Tamara – Is for “date”(fruit), “date palm”, “palm tree.” It has nothing to do with a husky at all, but it’s one of the most beautiful names for a girl!

Teddy – The word’s meaning is “the soft luxurious fur of a bear.”

Valkyrie – Means “Chooser of the Slain” in Old Norse. Name for a husky who picks their friends carefully.

Valentina – Latin name meaning “strong, healthy.” It is also the word for a type of flowering shrub.
Victoria – For a conqueror!

Theresa – Greek name meaning “Girl of God.” We liked this name primarily because it is said that the dog’s owner resembles the dog as well.

Xena – Latin name meaning “Strong” or “Warrior Princess (or Warrior Queen).” A warrior is someone who fights for a cause, and that’s what huskies are all about.

Zoe or Zoey – Greek name meaning “Life.” Huskies live up to the standard of being clever, brave, obedient, friendly, and devoted. As well as hard-working, energetic and fearless dogs.

Hopefully, this list has been helpful in your search for the perfect name for your husky. 

We sure had lots of fun choosing them!

It’s always hard choosing a name for a pet! The names I choose for my pets are often associated with their behavior or appearance or with my interests.

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